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Lily Starr Spanking – MP4/Full HD – Her Husband Said No – Disobedient 1950s Wife Severely Punished OTK w Wooden Spoon – Retro Domestic Discipline Spanking (Exclusive)


Lily Starr Spanking – MP4/Full HD – Her Husband Said No – Wooden Spoon Spank (Exclusive)

Real life married couple Lily & Robert play out a severe scene as they imagine it might have happened in a 1950s DD household where the husband has authority to spank his wife whether she likes it or not. Lily had asked Robert about the new refrigerators that were out in the stores, the ones that all their friends had been getting. They were a huge upgrade from the older models, with automatic defrosters, lots of bells and whistles, better safety features, and even offered color coordination with your kitchen. They were a point of pride for housewives who had one, and Lily wanted one. When she asked him if they could get it, Robert said no, their refrigerator worked fine and they couldn’t afford it. The one she wanted cost $329, more than a month’s salary at the time! Well, after a little scheming, er, brainstorming, with a girlfriend, she discovered that she could go to Sears Roebuck and get it right away all on her own, using their new credit plan! The salesman of course was happy to oblige and encouraged her purchase, and Robert is unaware that he’s coming home from work to the forbidden appliance already sitting in their kitchen. Lily has done everything she can think of to put her husband in a good mood when he gets home, and keep him from going into the kitchen before she’s had a chance to break the news gently. She’s sure he’ll understand…she hopes. She’s looking especially pretty in her full skirt dress and pearls, has his favorite cocktail prepared in the living room, and his favorite dinner, lasagna from scratch, finishing up in the oven! When he arrives, he’s at first pleased with everything, but eventually starts to wonder why his wife is acting so strangely, and why she’s trying so hard to keep him out of the kitchen. She begins to bring up the subject again cautiously, really emphasizing all the benefits of a new refrigerator, in hopes that he’ll reconsider and then it will all be ok when she tells him! Robert stands firm though, and begins to grow suspicious. Lily confesses to what she’s done, but still tries to soften him up by cuddling up to him and insisting that she knows he’ll be happy about it once he sees how great it is. The payments are only $3 a month, it won’t even be a big deal. He doesn’t see it that way, and hates the idea of buying anything on credit, having that debt for years! He’s especially disappointed that she defied him and bought it anyway, when he’d said no in no uncertain terms! Robert tells his wife that she’s going to be spanked hard over his knee just like a little girl for her poor judgment and disobedience. He goes into the kitchen to take a look at the refrigerator, but more importantly, to retrieve the heavy wooden spoon from the utensil drawer. Lily is pouty and defiant, not at all happy with where this is going. She has no choice but to go over her husband’s knee, and he lifts her skirt and crinoline to expose her bottom, now covered only by her sheer pantyhose and full white satin panties. He brings his large hand down hard on her bottom, reddening it visibly even through her undergarments. First he pulls down her pantyhose and spanks her over her panties, then he pulls those down as well, raining down hard spanks with his heavy hand on her defenseless little bottom, as he can see she needs a reminder of who is in charge in their home. Lily’s pouts and protests soon give way to cries and begging for mercy. Unfortunately for her, Robert was not feeling very merciful, especially when he would think about that huge price tag and the fact that she defied him to spend money he hadn’t even earned yet! Her bare bottom is thoroughly punished to heavy bruising with the wooden spoon, she has no chance of getting away or even kicking her legs, as her strong husband holds her in place firmly, and pins her legs down with his own, keeping her bottom just where he needs it as he makes sure she thoroughly learns her lesson. In fact, the only thing that saves her from a longer punishment is the state of her bottom, she is literally spanked until her skin can’t take anymore. Intro is approximately 10 minutes, meaning this OTK punishment spanking lasts about 30. The scenario may seem “cute,” but make no mistake, this is a severe scene. We enjoy the 1950s aesthetic, especially D/s based around it, and hope you will too. Presented in full 1920 HD.

37:10 min – Feb 20 – .MP4 – 2.64 GB – 1920×1080 HD

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