Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 23


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 23

ElitePain’s Wheel of Pain 23 is another excellent installment of the punishment game series. Like previous editions, a model spins a wheel filled with an assortment of painful punishments. The model is rewarded with money if she can endure the fully executed punishment.
WOP 23 features two beautiful female Doms: Lady Amanda and Lady Cleo. Each of them spin a wheel in order to determine who will be on the receiving end of the lash and who will be administering the punishment. Lady Cleo loses and has to withstand Lady Amanda’s strokes with a single tail whip. Both women are simply gorgeous. Seeing Lady Cleo’s naked body bound to a leather bench for 20 lashes on her bare ass was exciting before the first stroke of the whip. Lady Amanda lashes her harshly. Lady Cleo is pretty tough and does not react very much aside from a pulling on her bonds until about the 7th stroke. Then she starts to breathe heavily and moan in between lashes. Her ass is marked up nicely by Lady Amanda’s whip. She tolerates the first 20 lashes well and you only start to see the moisture of tears underneath her eyes as she prepares to spin the wheel again.

Next Lady Cleo takes a 30 stroke ass whipping while bound to St. Andrew’s cross. She looks incredibly sexy as she lays against the cross. The camera does a great job of capturing grimaces on her face upon impact of Lady Amanda’s whip. By the 4th stroke, Lady Cleo jerks upright to attention with each lash, and breathes heavily and moans between lashes. By the 10th stroke, we can start to see moisture around her eyes from tears. By the 18th stroke it seems as if Cleo might give up because her grunts, heavy breathing and moans become incessant. Yet she remains unbroken. Beautiful tears stream down her face after the 25th stroke.

After her 30 lashes, Lady Cleo chooses to spin the wheel again. This time she gets 20 lashes on her back while kneeling and chained to a whipping post. Once again, Lady Amanda whips Lady Cleo so harshly that her back is left marked with welts. Lady Cleo jerks to attention with each lash and soon starts with the heavy breathing and moans.

After taking 20 lashes on her back, Lady Cleo is about to give up. However, she decides to spin the wheel again. She lands on 40 lashes on her back. Suspended by her wrists, Lady Cleo tells Lady Amanda that she would have quit if the whipping had been painful. Lady Amanda offers Lady Cleo a chance at revenge if she fails to make Lady Cleo quit. Lady Amanda appears to whip her with more enthusiasm. It is exciting to see Lady Cleo sway and rock after each lash. The screams get louder as the whipping progresses and her marks appear angrier. Lady Cleo is able to complete the round and retain her winnings.

Lady Amanda feigns ignorance when questioned about submitting to a whipping from Lady Cleo since she could not break her. This is such a tease and a great conclusion to another great installment of Wheel of Pain.

Overall, this video rivals several of the other recent WOP installments. Lady Cleo and Lady Amanda are a very attractive pair. Lady Cleo’s reactions to the whip are nice. I prefer to see more tears and running mascara but the heavy breathing and moans were fabulous. Lady Cleo was fortunate to have her pussy, breasts and soles sparred. I would have liked to have seen her suffer a punishment on her lovely breasts, pussy or soles. The variety of bondage positions and Lady Cleo’s reactions to the whip are worthy of an A- rating. It’s an enjoyable movie.

I do hope that Lady Amanda tests her fate with the Wheel of Pain. Perhaps Lady Cleo and Lady Ariel could exact revenge by taking turns whipping her for each challenge. Can’t wait to see Lady Amanda’s dance under another Dom’s lash.

ElitePain, keep up the outstanding work.

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