Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 25


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 25

Finally we see the beautiful Amanda as recipient of the whip’s lash. And she suffers beautifully throughout WOP 25. Cleo exacts her revenge and has Amanda in tears before the 10th stroke of her whip.

Amanda’s suffering is enhanced for several reasons: 1) She is clearly uncomfortable in this role as a sub and appears hesitant and fearful of what is to come 2) The bondage positions 3) Cleo’s taunts

Amanda reluctantly spins the wheel and is challenged with 25 lashes on her breasts. She is locked in a bondage contraption that cuffs her wrists above her head and her neck to a post. She is completely helpless and Amanda knows it. Cleo is dressed in a sexy outfit and taunts Amanda repeatedly (I hope that Lady Ariel takes notes on Cleo’s attire and taunts). Amanda screams out in a way that indicates pain but not excessive. Soon she is weeping and crying between each lash.

Next, Amanda takes 40 lashes on her back. She is forced to kneel and secured to a whipping post. This may be my favorite bondage position employed by ElitePain because it reveals the back, ass, and soles of the victim. Plus the kneeling suggests complete submission. Cleo marks Amanda’s back quite nicely.

Amanda’s next spins result in a doubler and then 50 full body lashes. Once again the victim is suspended by their wrists and able to spin around for frontal whipping. Lady Amanda appears to really be struggling at this point. I think that Cleo senses that Lady Amanda is almost broken and takes some of the steam out of her lashes and definitely shows a scant amount of mercy by not whipping her breasts very much. Instead she lashes her back repeatedly and Lady Amanda endures about 80 lashes on her back when you add in the whipping from the previous spin.

I had to go back and watch what Lady Amanda did to Lady Cleo in WOP 23. I think that Lady Amanda really tried to break Lady Cleo and lashed her harder at points. However, Lady Amanda seemed to deal with the more severe punishments and was not as prepared to handle the pain as Lady Cleo. Lady Cleo seemed to delight in Lady Amanda’s suffering and that was sexy.

The combined attractiveness of Lady Amanda and Lady Cleo added to the way that Lady Amanda cries and screams throughout WOP 25 earns this movie an A. The only thing preventing it from being an A+ for me is that there was a missed opportunity for punishment during the full body whipping. It could have been better with more lashes to Lady Amanda’s breasts during the full body whipping, a few lashes to her pussy and soles. Perhaps in future movies, the Dom can switch instruments in order to ensure a full body whipping . They could use a riding crop or a strap on the soles and pussy then resume the single tale on the back, ass and breasts. I actually would like to see the ass get whipped and strapped in future WOP movies.

Hopefully Lady Amanda will challenge herself to act as a sub again. She and Cleo were quite enjoyable in this movie.

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