Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 22


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Wheel of Pain 22

Lady Ariel has the face of an angel and the body of a runway supermodel. A poser artist couldn’t have drawn a more perfect woman. That she would agree to make this movie is a miracle in itself. She made her debut in Martial Law III as a cold, heartless prison guard responsible for whipping a suspected spy played by Lien Parker. That movie is referenced throughout this one, so to fully enjoy the character play here, you’ll want to see the other movie first.

The premise is pretty basic. There is a wheel with a number of different punishments listed. The contestant spins the wheel to determine what is to be done to her. If she accepts the challenge and can get through the punishment without quitting, she is rewarded with prize money. If she fails, she loses everything.

The first punishment is 30 strokes on the ass with a leather strap. Ariel accepts the challenge and is tied to the punishment bench, where she meets the person who is to punish her. As it turns out, it’s Lien Parker’s sister!

The sister turns in a very good performance as the domineering whip-wielding torturer. She really sells her character, and it’s easy to enjoy her working Ariel over with the strap. As a dominatrix, she really looks good in that black dress, and I’m glad she was costumed in that rather than an over-sized prison guard uniform. I like a little class with my bondage films, and she certainly brings the right attitude to the role. That said, I hope she agrees to come back for another film as the dom. She has the right physical strength for the job, though her swinging form could use some work. Watching her throw the strap was about like watching me throw a baseball with my weak arm. She could use a little practice to build up her hand-eye coordination.

One thing I really liked about this scene is how Ariel pushes her pussy out after each stroke. Maybe its unintentional, but as the strapping continues, she screams louder, and her pussy is pushed out farther. That’s very erotic.

One thing I didn’t like was how the cameraman framed the shot; cutting off the faces of both the victim and her abuser.

Ariel manages to get through the challenge, her ass bearing the results of the sister’s handiwork.

She wins $500 and decides to spin the wheel again. She draws 20 strokes on her pussy.

She’s bound to the punishment table, her legs wide apart, allowing the sister easy access to Ariel’s most vulnerable area. Several times, Ariel tries to protect herself from the blows, but this just irritates the sister, who gives her a warning before continuing with her strapping.

This obviously hurts a great deal, and takes some of the cheeriness out of Lady Ariel. But, she manages to get through it and is given the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Pain again.

She accepts the challenge and chooses to receive 20 strokes on her back. She’s bound to the whipping post and her punishment begins.

My one complaint with this scene is that her arm obscures her face from the camera. I really wanted to see her face as the whip lands against her skin. I wanted to see her emotions. It’s a good scene that could have been shot better.

After Ariel gets through this challenge, she decides to spin the wheel again, this time drawing a 50-stroke full body whipping on her back and ass. She’s bound in the exact same position that Lien Parker had been tied in Martial Law III – arms spread out and wide apart. Then the fun begins.

This scene makes the movie worth having. It’s clear that Lady Ariel is in a lot of pain as the whipping progresses, and the sister makes a great dominatrix. I’m hoping that both actresses come back for another movie; possibly where they both get to play a dominatrix because both play the role well. It’s almost a study of two styles: there’s Lady Ariel’s cold, uncaring persona and the sister’s embracing the emotional side of the role.

Overall, the best part of this production was in front of the camera. The sister brings just enough over-the-top performance to make this film enjoyable, and Ariel acts well under the whip. In fact, Ariel is a real find for the studio. Women like her don’t come along every day. However, I had some quibbles with the camerawork; whomever was working the camera facing Ariel in the first challenge did a terrible job with the framing of the shots. The third challenge was weakened by Ariel’s arm blocking her face. What is a good movie could have been better with a better cameraman, or better staging. Ariel and the sister did a good job in their roles, but the production team really needed to step up and bring their best effort. When you have performers this good, you really don’t want to screw up the camerawork.

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