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MP4/Full HD – Amanda, Mr Johnson – That Is Not A School Uniform


Amanda, Mr Johnson – That Is Not A School Uniform

Amanda has an appointment to see Mr Johnson regarding her behaviour. She rocks up wearing a bright pink satin tie and non regulation white and pink stockings. He barely gets a chance to get a word in before Amanda starts being cheeky. She really is out of control! He doesn’t take any lip from any of his pupils, so he immediately drags her over his knee and slaps her bottom as hard as he can. Her bottom is crimson red, but she doesn’t seem to care. She’s taken spankings like this many times. He bends her over the wooden school desk, removing her white plimsoll and beating her on the bare bottom with it. A thick heavy cane follows. He instructs her to count the strokes and this hurts her so much that she hops about in pain. It hasn’t stopped her mouth though with cheeky comments between strokes. Mr Johnson is going to have to work hard in order to tame this young scallywag… He tells Amanda to stick out her bottom and thwacks her one more time. The cheekiness continues, so after a little spell with her hands on her head, Mr Johnson tells her that she needs more punishment. He pulls her over his knee once again and starts thrashing her with his hand. This time she squeals and apologises, which is a welcome change. Finally we have a quiet and subordinate Amanda!