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Many Vids Spanking – MP4/Full HD – Kiki Cali – Babygirl Maintenance Spankings FREEBIE


2023 03 07 222350 - Many Vids Spanking – MP4/Full HD – Kiki Cali - Babygirl Maintenance Spankings FREEBIE

I’ve been having a hard time with controlling my attitude and listening to Daddy lately, so Daddy decided to come over for a little maintenance checkup! First Daddy starts with checking on his grooming standards, that my princess parts are to be bare at all times; Daddy has me lay on my back and spred my legs so he can get a closer look at my princess parts and then on my tummy spreading my little ass, all apart of Daddy’s gooming inspection. But not all without touching my princess parts a little bit hehe. Daddy even tells me that if I take my spankings like a good girl next, I’ll get to have more attention to my princess parts afterwards. So Daddy has me put my pull-up back on my little bottom and pulls me over his knee for hand spankings first. My pull-up spankings don’t last very long thought before Daddy pulls my pull-up high giving me a wedgie so he can have better access to my bare cheeks! I start to fuss too much though so Daddy eventually just pulls down my pull-up all the way to my ankles and makes me straddle his leg, spreading my princess parts. Now there should be no way to hide my bottom from Daddy’s hard hands but I try anyways with my hand hehe before Daddy grabs my wrist to hold me in an arm lock for being handsy. Wah. Finally after a long very hard hand spanking, Daddy pulls my pull-up back up and sends me off to the corner for a bit and then back to my bed to lay on my belly for Daddy to use his old high school belt on my poor bottom. Daddy gives me 41 lashings on my bare bottom, until he decides my squirming is too much and takes out the bath brush for 3 swats. And when I can finally hold still enough for the bath brush, he take his belt back out for 45 more lashings, till once again I make the mistake of squirming around too much again! Now Daddy keeps the bath brush out for a long super hard spanking. Thankfully though, Daddy is a good Daddy and gives my very sore and now bruised booty some aftercare rubbing…before the last bit of my maintenance spankings, a hard paddling. So lastly, Daddy has me bend over the side of bed, with my pull-up on for 27 hard swats with my wooden paddle. With gentle rubs in between of course! …But I WAS a good girl cuz I did take all of my spankings for Daddy! And just like Daddy said in the beginning, I would be rewarded with more princess parts play. So Daddy has me lift up by bottom for a second while he slips my hitachi under my belly and takes of my pull-up spreading my little pussy for better access hehe. And of course, Daddy can’t help but test me once more with some more hard hand spanking while my little pussy gets wet and tingly from my hitachi hehe. Daddy doesn’t want me to make a mess though so soon after some last hand spankings, he pulls my pull-up back up, has me lay on my back to rub and vibrate my princess parts some more hehe! tags: spanking, spanking pov, ddlg, age regression, babygirl, daddydom, paddling, belt, bare bottom

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