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Many Vids Spanking – MP4/HD – Kiki Cali – Spoiled Baby Unboxing & Spanking


Many Vids Spanking – MP4/Full HD – Kiki Cali – Spoiled Baby Unboxing & Spanking

I got a present sent to me from my amazon wishlist! After too many accidents in my pink princess playtent, I had to throw it away a couple weeks ago and I was devastated to do it! It was my first bit of Little Space after moving out from my vanilla kink-shaming ex’s apartment and the first big splurge I made! I was so proud to have it to myself and so sad to have to give it up! So I put the tent back on my wishlist in hopes of someone spoiling their pinkie babygirl with a new tent…and then OHMYGOSH to my total surprise! A big package showed up on my doorstep! Not too long after, I got a text from my Uncle Rob at Delco Video Production! It was him and I had no idea! I had promised an unboxing vid to whoever was too kind enough to spoil me, and making one for my favorite Uncle was about to be twice as fun! However, I did a naughty thing….I got too busy with all my big girl tasks this past week to even just open my big package! I wasn’t able to get to it all week and because I had told my Uncle Rob I would open my present and show him how happy it makes me, I was told to give myself 10 self spanking, on each cheek, with the hairbrush! So mean!! I have never self-spanked myself before! And with a hairbrush?! But I know I deserve my punishment after my Uncle so generously gifted me a new bit of Little Space, and had been so patient for me to really thank him…and I know this will be nothing compared to the punishment I have coming to me when I get to see my uncle in a couple weeks at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Wah!..But my Uncle isn’t so totally mean, he also told me to give my little bum a bit of self care after my self spanking, and oil up with lots of baby oil, and then put my pull-up on over it for the day! My Uncle Rob takes such good care of me! Thank you Uncle Rob

Format: MP4
Duration: 9 Min
Size: 159 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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