Dallas Spanks Hard – MP4/SD – Tiki – All Leg Punishment (PT 1-2)


I was contacted by a Chinese man in Canada one summer. He wanted a severe punishment filmed with Tiki, featuring ALL leg whipping and spanking. I told him I would have to have a REAL reason to film this, as it was not what we did. He said ‘ Let me know’. About four months later Tiki did a very stupid and expensive thing. She got pulled over and arrested for a DUI. I had found my reason and told Tiki that exact thing. She actually agreed, as I had told her COUNTLESS times….NEVER..EVER get behind the wheel drunk. She only lived about a mile from work and risked it one night. Tiki admitted that this was the most painful punishment she had ever received. It was well deserved though! This is part one of a 50 plus minute punishment that was never released until now.. Tiki actually thanked me for caring enough to assure she NEVER did it again.

Some may think this is too harsh. Some will think ‘ Wait a minute, this isn’t spanking?" Discipline is a fine line of taking a drastic step away from the comfort zone of a very deserved punishment. You must know that Tiki agreed with me that she needed something that would stick with her indefinitely. We were NOT going to do this as just a custom requested video. We both agreed that her DUI was just that type of behavior that warranted something like this. Tiki knew she could stop at anytime she felt it too much. She knew she must see it through. She did and her intense sobbing was a collection of pain, regret and reaching self-forgiveness.

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