cheerleaderspankings – MP4/Full HD – Can’t Be Trusted (Part 1-2)


Title: Can’t Be Trusted (Part 1-2)
CLS 208 140 m - cheerleaderspankings – MP4/Full HD – Can't Be Trusted (Part 1-2)

Watch Adriana Evans take one of her hardest, most humiliating punishments in a cheerleader uniform – The rest of the squad won’t cheer with Adriana and it’s up to their coach to sort out why. Adriana is important to the team but what she did was unforgiveable. She peed her panties on top of the pyramid during practice and as Coach lectures her it’s obvious she isn’t taking this seriously. He takes her over his lap and smacks her hard with his hand. In fact, he hasn’t been this angry with one of his girls in a very long time. Adriana’s tight cheeks are relentlessly spanked with and without the protection of her white panties. She yelps out in real pain but still doesn’t appear to be taking her punishment seriously so Coach increases the humiliation and pain factor. He makes her ask him to paddle her hard for what she had done. The wooden paddle is used forcefully, reddening her bottom further. Since Adriana can’t be trusted, he tells her, she must also wear a diaper which he knows is highly embarrassing to her. If she really wants to be on the squad, it’s the only way she will learn. It’s humiliating but Adriana wants to stay and is placed in the diaper position for a final spanking and scolding before being told to show the other girls her new special "underwear" and to show them she learnt her lesson with the results of her spanking!

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