Cheerleader Spankings – MP4/Full HD – Goddess Jess, John Osborne – Jess’s Last Chance


Jess was the best cheerleader on the team and it went to her head. She thought she was above the nonsense of practicing, and her attitude upset the other girls. It all comes to a head when the cheer team is at Regionals and a day before they are due to perform, Jess creates panic by almost dropping one of the girls in their final practice routine. Coach Osborne decides to nip this in the bud and has a showdown meeting with Jess in his room. Her attitude stinks and he has heard enough. She is out of the team unless she takes a spanking to learn a lesson that no one is above being punished for their behavior. It’s her last chance and he doesn’t care, the team morale comes first and she would be hard-pressed to explain this to her parents. The uppity cheerleader takes her humiliating spanking over his lap and further embarrassment ensues when he removes her tight cheer shorts. Her glorious bare round buttocks jiggle provocatively as they are given the spanking of their short life as she squirms and struggles to keep her composure. By the end of her spanking, Jess’ bottom is glowing red with shame and all the girls will know that she has been punished. Coach hopes that a far more contrite and chastened Jess will help the team to win in the Regionals the following day!

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