Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/SD – Ready,…Set,…Spank!!!


2019 08 10 200552 - Universal Spanking and Punishments - MP4/SD - Ready,...Set,...Spank!!!

Mr. Crabblesmack is none too pleased when he learns that he will be spending a Saturday afternoon punishing his star runner, Cary Neely. Cary is a vibrant girl who is a Track & Field sensation around town, but she’s also been getting into trouble for public displays of affection with other girls. In fact, she’s been paddled three times at school in the last two weeks for bad behavior and that means she has earned weekend punishment, a thorough corporal punishment behavioral modification session. Cary is first given a spanking with the hand over her tight running pants though those are soon lowered so her attitude can be adjusted with the strap. From there she takes the riding crop, a leather paddle,…and a stinging tawse across her bare and petite, as well as her thighs. Finally, she is given a caning on her throbbing bottom, and on her thighs front & back! Cary certainly pays the price for her mistake, and we can only hope that she learned her lesson.

thumbs20190810200321 - Universal Spanking and Punishments - MP4/SD - Ready,...Set,...Spank!!!

Format: MP4
Duration: 23 Min
Size: 54 Mb
Resolution: 853×480

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