Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – It Still Hurts


2019 08 10 182130 - Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – It Still Hurts

"It Still Hurts" is the follow up to "The Disobedient Daughter" and in this video Cara Day is determined to get punishment her way. For the longest time Cara has had to lay over the bed or go over the knee for her spankings, though now that she’s getting older she feels punishments should be given differently. Recently, Cara used a vibrator during one of her punishments, now she’s pleading with her Daddy to let her do that all of the time. She tries to convince her Dad that all of the girls are being spanked this way now, and since her father doen’t want to seem out of style, he decides to do it Cara’s way and spanks her while she applies a vibrator to her very sensitive private parts!
The spanking starts out with Cara on all fours on the bed. Immediately, Cara applies the vibrator to her clit as her Daddy spanks away. The last time that Cara was spanked like this she was on good behavior for three weeks, so maybe this is the way that a girl should be spanked. The hand spanking is followed up by swats with the leather paddle, and even though Cara is allowed to use the vibrator during punishment, there’s no doubt that this spanking still hurts! In fact, Cara receives a spanking right between the cheeks, firm smacks from her Daddy’s hand punish her like she’s never been punished before. Later, a second paddle is used to tan her bottom and then a final spanking is given rapid fire where Cara’s Dad smacks her bare buns while also slapping her between the cheeks again! This is a memorable spanking for Cara, though it taught her a lesson and she was a good girl for quite some time. Apparently, the methods of punishment may change, but a girl will always need the discipline that only her Daddy can provide.

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