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Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD – SAMANTHA STORM ,USP MASTER – DADDY’S STERN HANDS – PART 1 | OCT. 21, 22 ($15.99 SpankingLibrary)


Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD – SAMANTHA STORM ,USP MASTER – DADDY’S STERN HANDS – PART 1 | OCT. 21, 22 (.99 SpankingLibrary)

Samantha can remember every single spanking that she received from her Daddy. Some were quick and with the hand, just as a reminder to behave better,…and others were long and painful where she couldn’t sit down for days. Mature for her age, Samantha understood the value of spanking and how a family could grow stronger through fair rules and the application of corporal punishment when needed. One of her most memorable spankings was actually by her own doing. You see, she spoke with her Daddy on the phone one night and he was stressed out at work, she could tell the man who cared enough to tan her bare bottom with his stern hands needed to feel some stress relief himself. She remembered how she often felt free of stress (and guilt) after a spanking, and also how her Daddy would tend to be more at ease after he dealt out a butt burning spanking. Taking a responsible role and thinking about family first before the comfort of her behind, she insisted that she should be in position and waiting for a hard spanking for when her Daddy arrived home! True to her word, Samantha was kneeling on the bed in tight jeans, …a brave girl indeed, waiting for the harsh licks to be given that would certainly calm her Daddy down. He started with a long and hard hand spanking that blazed her little round buns. Soon after, her jeans and panties came down for intense swats with leather paddles and hard strokes with several leather straps! Samantha was growing into a woman and she was damn well determined to do what she could do to keep that home together. Sure, the strappings hurt a lot, she was biting her lip for some of the worst strokes, but the satisfaction that she was calming Daddy made it all worth it. The intensity only increased when the wood was used, she hated the bath brush and the wooden paddles, but Samantha was determined to make it through the very spanking that she bravely volunteered for. Some of the final swats were given to her naked, even the rubber strap was used on those swollen cheeks, but that girl took a blistering hard spanking,…one that she would proudly remember taking for the betterment of the family:) (Note: this is a very hard spanking with lots of implements)

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