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Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Bent Over By My Boyfriend ($14.99 SpankingLibrary)


Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD –  Bent Over By My Boyfriend (.99 SpankingLibrary)

Aimee Morgan is cheating on her boyfriend, he doesn’t know, but her lies are catching up with her. In her debut video (“Lying Will Have You Crying”) we learned that she brought a boy into her friend’s house and did naughty things with him. Now, her boyfriend wants to know why she’s been missing dates lately and not calling back. Aimee’s boyfriend confronts her and makes it clear that they’re going to be over unless she takes a real spanking from him, apparently it’s been the trend in town for boyfriends to spank and punish their girlfriend’s when it’s needed.
Aimee is instructed to bend over the couch and she does just that. She wants the guilt that she’s been holding onto to go away, and she knows deep in her heart that the spanking she’s going to take is well deserved. The punishment starts with Aimee in her pretty panties. She’s felt a few slaps on her bottom before during sex, but taking a well deserved spanking from her boyfriend is a totally different feeling. Aimee immediately begins to feel remorse and she instinctively has the desire to be obedient. Her boyfriend has been stood up too many times, he’s going to be sure that Aimee really feels this so he uses a riding crop on her bottom! Next, Aimee is taken over the knee and her bottom is bared, it’s clear that her boyfriend cares about her, though he’s not going to put up with the way that she’s been treating him any longer!
Aimee had not been over the knee since her Dad spanked her last, a few months before. This spanking was completely different though,…she didn’t fight because she wanted to feel like her soul had been cleansed. Two different leather paddles were used over the knee, each stinging her naked bottom and coloring her exposed behind a darker shade of red. The final implement that was used for punishment was a wooden paddle. For this implement Aimee’s boyfriend instructs her to stand back up and bend over the couch, she would then obediently remove all of her clothes, presenting herself fully naked for the duration of the spanking. The swats really hurt and before too long Aimee had to kneel on the corner of the couch with her bare bottom sticking out to finish the swats. It’s fair to say that Aimee was sorry, in fact she had never loved her boyfriend as much as she did on this day. From there on out Aimee saw a new side of her boyfriend, he was strict and dominant, and she began to expect corporal punishment every time that she messed up,…and she wouldn’t ever expect anything less.

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