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Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Attitude Adjustment # 18 Kissed is Caned! ($11.99 SpankingLibrary)


Universal Spankingand Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Attitude Adjustment # 18 Kissed is Caned!

Kissed was in for some serious punishment and there wasn’t any more room for excuses. This video focuses on painful and corrective discipline without any type of story line. Just know this, she deserved each and every lick and by the time that her spanking was over you’ll see that her bare bottom was welted, swollen, and sore! This session started out with a hard hand spanking and progressed to a long leathering with the billet strap! The billet strap is thick and has a serious impact, especially when some of the strokes are administered to the thighs. A bath brush would also be used to blister the exposed bottom of Kissed, only to be followed up by harsh swats with a thick plastic paddle. Kissed didn’t have any excuses, the girl knew damn well that stern discipline was required to remedy the situation! The razor strap sets a bottom on fire and is entirely unforgiving. Kissed stayed bent over and in position for a cruel strapping and then the temperature of her bottom rose even higher as swats with a tear shaped wooden paddle had the girl struggling to keep her composure. Unfortunately, this was a real punishment, so there would be more swats with a long lexan paddle with holes and a wooden frat paddle as well! Kissed had gone through a lot during that session of correction, but then again it was her poor behavior that landed her in a situation where she had to endure such a scorching spanking to being with. The final implement used was a cane. There would be several strokes applied to her naked bottom and even her sit spots! Although this was a very strict spanking, one must admire Kissed for stepping up to the plate and accepting such painful discipline no matter how much it hurt. It wasn’t easy for her, but by being obedient she was able to hit the reset button, be forgiven, and become a better girl.

Spanking, Caning, Corporal Punishment , M/F Spankings, Strapping, Paddling, Big Butts

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Format: MP4
Duration: 13 Min
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Resolution: 1920×1080

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