Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Shy Sky – Caned in a Foreign Land (Exclusive)


Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD –  Shy Sky – Caned in a Foreign Land (Exclusive)

Living in a foreign country and studying abroad can be an amazing experience. For Shy Sky, it was a chance to see a part of the world that she’d never been to, and it would be a place to become a better girl. You see, Shy had made many mistakes in the last couple of years, so when her dad received a job offer to go overseas she was almost as excited as he was! The family would be well taken care of by a large corporation and Shy would have a chance to redeem herself. For the first half of senior year Shy did very well, her grades were superb and she was the happiest that she’d been in a long time. Unfortunately for her though, she still wanted to be cool and found herself hanging out with some girls who didn’t really have her best interests in mind. Trying to fit in, Shy shared in some contraband that was strictly forbidden in the country and she found herself in big trouble. The educational staff was alarmed that Shy and some of the other girls were seen and captured on camera partaking in filth at the school. Shy’s mom and dad were alerted that she would immediately be taken to the authorities at the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice! Luckily for Shy, her dad was able to get his company to pull a few strings so she would not be whipped naked in a public forum, though what the girl would go through would be much worse than any traditional american school punishment. Once Shy arrived at the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice compound she was immediately instructed that she would have to endure 18 strokes of the leather tawse and 6 strokes of the switch on her bare hands while bound. Shy would also be tied for 18 strokes of the leather tawse and six strokes of the switch that would be applied to the bare soles of her feet. And finally, Shy would be secured to a punishment bench and given twelve very harsh strokes of the cane followed by twelve severe lashes with the heavy leather belt to her bare bottom! It was truly heartbreaking to see Shy make such strides, only to fall backwards again. However, if Shy took her punishment well she would be redeemed and allowed to finish school, perhaps with honors. Surely though, there would be tears at every juncture of her punishment, it would be an extremely painful experience for the pretty blonde student. Then again, Shy would learn to follow the rules of her hosting country while at the same time she would have the chance to become that girl that she’d always dreamt of being.

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