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Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Maria Jade – Punishing the Party Girl 2 ($13.99 SpankingLibrary)


Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Maria Jade – Punishing the Party Girl 2 (.99 SpankingLibrary)

In “Punishing the Party Girl” part 1, Maria Jade received a very rude awakening and a stern spanking when she moved back in with her step-dad. Her bottom was so sore and she developed a bad attitude when she should have been apologizing for all of the mistakes she’d made over the past few weeks and the past several years. Things became heated near the end of her punishment and she lashed out at her step-dad, saying things that should never come out of the mouth of a young lady. Now in part 2, Maria is feeling really bad about her previous actions, in fact we find her spanking herself with a hairbrush! She was on all fours and smacking that beautiful round bottom of hers, trying to make up for all of her wrongs! Eventually her step-dad walked in and he was shocked, though Maria apologized for the way that she’d previously spoken to him. The girl was finally ready, ready to be obedient and accept discipline like a big girl! It was time to make things right and Maria’s step-dad began spanking her right there while she was on all fours. He smacked her bouncy cheeks until they were sore, and he spanked her anus too! This punishment was different from their first encounter, in fact Maria had a vibrator out and she began using that while her bottom was getting tanned. This discipline session also involved Maria taking licks with the hairbrush, a leather paddle, and a leather slapper as well. Her anus would be spanked several times throughout and it was clear that the once defiant girl was beginning to enjoy some of her discipline, to the point that she unzipped her step-dad’s pants and began throating his cock! In fact, Maria would be spanked while she was giving that blowjob and based on her words she would have one more surprise for her step-dad before that punishment session would be completed.

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Format: MP4
Duration: 21 Min
Size: 1100 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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