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Triple A Spanking – AAA Spanking – MP4/Full HD – A Judicial Caning of 5 Inmates MOV


Triple A Spanking – AAA Spanking – MP4/Full HD –

This film is so long (over 2 hours 12 minutes) that we can only feature it in 1280×720 HD format to ensure that it does not breach the current 4Gb limit. There are 5 prisoners each facing a penalty of a severe cold caning punishment with the thick, dense Malaysian Rattan Cane. This cane is longer… designed to cause maximum impact to the unlucky recipients. We will be featuring the caning punishments of each individual in full HD1080 in due course, but if you wish to see the full film this is the place to do so.

The prisoners are lined up naked and afraid, from left to right, in the order of punishment: Lily Swan, Kalaisha Mae, Jayda Blayze, Reyna St Clair, and Kajira Bound.

Prison nurse, Sarah Gregory, calls each girl in turn for their punishment, reading out their offense, and then ties them to the Punishment Bench. Once they are bound, they are given 2 sets of 12 hard deliberate cold strokes of the Malaysian Cane, full strength, without mercy. Halfway through, the nurse checks on the girls to ensure they can complete their punishment. The only girl not to receive the full 24 is Kalaisha Mae, who receives a total of 12 (due to her offense being less severe) … but her reactions, like the other girls, are enthralling to watch! Multiple angles show each girl’s caning in full, as they scream out, swear and cry (there are much sobbing and tears from many of the girls); as they deal with this incredibly painful punishment anyway they can. Afterward, the girls are sent back to the holding room where you can see the difference in their demeanor… and of course, the striped mass of welts that each girl will now possess for a long time!

This is an incredible custom film that we recently made, our longest intense “Judicial” to date… the austere conditions, the dark, brooding settings, and camera work make this an essential piece of severe caning erotica for the discerning connoisseur. This film is only available from our clip stores (not on any website). The default price (due to the length of the film was set at $131.99) – of course, we have reduced this vastly and we feel the cost of this full-length video, the quality editing, and music score makes this a masterpiece you need to download and own for yourself!

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A Judicial Caning For 5 Inmates Reyna St Clair 4th Girl.mp4
A Judicial Caning For 5 Inmates Lily Swan Ist Girl.mp4
A Judicial Caning For 5 Inmates Kalaisha Mae 2nd Girl.mp4
A Judicial Caning For 5 Inmates Kajira Bound 5th Girl.mp4
A Judicial Caning For 5 Inmates Jayda Blayze 3rd Girl.mp4