Spanking House Productions – MP4/Full HD – Ten Gets Eleven


Spanking House Productions – MP4/Full HD –

Ten is a new employee in a female run, and owned, business. This business believes strongly in maternal, domestic, disciplinary methods. Ten has been called into the office of the business owner, Elizabeth. The reason behind her being summoned to the office is due to her having been late at least 6 times in the past month! Plus, along with her tardiness, Ten has also been stealing food from the employee refrigerator! Her explanation is that she doesn’t like to see food go bad, but Boss Elizabeth explains that if there is food in the fridge that has a name, or initials, on it, that means it is NOT community property!

Elizabeth explains to Ten that she has two options. She can either be fired for her indescretions or she can be punished. The punishment means that she will be subject to disciplinary action of a maternal variety. Yes, she will be spanked! Not only will she have a lengthy hand spanking, mostly on her bare bottom, but she will also receive a paddling for each of her infractions. She has been late 6 times and 5 employees have come to Elizabeth stating that they have seen Ten eating food from the refrigerator that has their name on it!!! So, to make her point perfectly clear, Elizabeth also gives Ten eleven paddle swats!

It’s about time that Ten learns her lesson, and Elizabeth thinks that this maternal disciplinary punishment should do the trick!

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