Restrained Elegance – MP4/SD – The Second Demerit


Restrained Elegance – MP4/Full HD – The Second Demerit

He left me for probably 5 minutes and then released me from the stocks, which terrified me anew since now I suspected he was capable of hurting me again, far beyond my ability to cope. He didnt actually; he merely clipped the hated dog lead back onto my collar and prepared to lead me back upstairs. The giant gag still in my mouth, naked, and with my feet still burning from the strap, I wished for it to be over. I couldnt please him, wouldnt even try because trying and failing was more humiliating even than being tied up and hurt. I would not transform myself into his slave, Id resist his attempts to train me. Though even as I resolved to be brave, a small voice in my head whispered that perhaps, on this occasion, Id do better to be resigned to my fate.

Format: MP4
Duration: 25 Min
Size: 382 Mb
Resolution: 768×576

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