Punishments Only – MP4/Full HD – Dria Submits – 100 Swats Oughtta Do It


2019 09 03 130828 - Punishments Only - MP4/Full HD - Dria Submits - 100 Swats Oughtta Do It

Before Dria and I ever met in person, she contacted me while visiting New Orleans to ask if she could get paid in advance for our first session together (see: Financial Irresponsibility) because she’d run out of money on her vacation. The next month, her three roommates and she all hoped that one of them would have enough to cover their rent; they were all short, and needed my help (see: Spanktopia). I warned her that if we had to address this topic again, she was going to get a 100 swat punishment.

Sure enough, at the end of January, she contacted me to ask if we could do the shoot we had planned for mid February early. Her roommates all had their share of the rent, but after December when I had to punish all four of them, she was afraid to ask if any of them had enough extra cash to loan her. I told her that I would help her out and we could do our shoot in time for her to pay her rent, but it would have been a tremendous disservice to her well being if I didn’t hold true to my word and administer a 100 swat punishment. First she gets spanked over my knee with my hand, then she’s sent to the corner to think about her irresponsible spending habits — she works two jobs, but she just keeps buying new clothes and make up without checking her funds — and why she was about to get a brutal punishment.

After corner time, I bend her over and bind her down to the spanking bench. With no possible escape, I administer 30 swats with paint sticks, 20 with the thin wooden stick, 10 with the wooden paddle, 10 strokes with my leather belt, 10 with the wooden rattan cane, 10 with the Tear Jerker Delrin Cane, and 10 with the blue Acrylic Cane. A few extra get slipped in because in her overwhelmed state, her counting gets messed up a few different times.

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