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MP4/SD – Angella Faith – Cop Spanking Sex


MP4/SD – Cop Spanking Sex

Exhibitionistic Jill (Angella Faith) is driving through the Hollywood hills when she
decides to have some fun with a stern motorcycle cop. Stripping off her clothes, she
gets his attention fast. Officer Steele puts on his siren and pursues Jill through
the canyon. She doesnt stop, however, proceeding instead to her mansion, where
she manages to pull her clothes back on before answering his pounding at the door.
Steele lectures Jill as to the impropriety of driving naked. After writing her a
citation he declares that rather than clog the over-burdened legal system with her
misdemeanor, he will himself administer justice in the form of an over the knee, bare
bottom spanking. The spanking progresses rapidly from the seat of her cute capri pants
to her smooth, firm, bare behind. But Jill is such a sexy little flirt, that the Officer
resist masturbating her as well while she is over his knee. Since, by her own admission,
Jill has only violated the law to get the officers attention, Steele does not hesitate
to satisfy her need for hard-hitting dominant sex
In the second scene, we see the recently spanked Jill bend over for a pussy-spanking with
a leather spoon. Then its a wooden hairbrush spanking while Jill uses a vibrator on and
inside herself.

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Cop Spanking Sex 1-02.mp4