Momma Spankings – MP4/Full HD – Violet Haze – Sent to Bed with a Sore Bottom


Mommy is very upset to get a call from the babysitter that Violet has been very disobedient and refusing to go to bed when she was told. Mom comes home early from a nice evening out to discover her very nonchalant girl relaxing on the sofa. After a stern talking to, the only way to deal with such bratty disobedience is with an over-the-knee spanking. Violet is taken over the maternal lap and spanked over her pajama bottoms, and of course… on her bare, exposed bottom. Mommy feels that a hand spanking isn’t going to teach her naughty girl a proper lesson, so she goes to fetch the leather paddle which is used for serious infractions. A far more contrite Violet is taken back over the lap and spanked hard with the stiff leather implement. She is then stood up against the wall for some more mean spankings with the paddle before she is sent upstairs to bed with an aching, sore red spanked bottom.

Sent to bed with a sore bottom sf.mp4 – 745.6 MB

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