DVD/Movie Lupus-Spanking

Lupus Pictures – MP4/SD – LP-047 – The Kidnapping of the Butcher’s Daughter [2006] [576p] | QTGMC h.264 50FPS | Bonus footage from XBP-001 included


A story about mysterious kidnapping of girl from prestigious girls’ boarding school, big love and false promises.

Two cute girls are severely caned on their bare bottoms and another is strapped. As with all Lupus films, we have the customary full storyline with expensive sets and costumes. Soft subtitles are included with the main feature. Lupus was also good enough to include the better caning of the two in their first “bonus pack” release, so we get to see it again, remastered, first from one angle, then again from the other. Picsets (low-res) from defunct rge-films.com website also included. Enjoy!

LP-047.mp4 – 1.1 GB

XBP-001-sc10.mp4 – 312.2 MB

pics.rar – 15.7 MB