Graias – MP4/Full HD – Desperation of Yultsi part 1


Graias – MP4/Full HD –

The wheel of pain is to turn for Yultsi, and she again seems very nervous, that she knows she will suffer a lot, as no less is expected if this duo is in the scene. It is a psychological torment for the loyal switch, to be in the focus of the whip, where she has just finished making a submissive guy cry with the same instrument. Dr Lomp is also aware of this, and now wants to enjoy Yultsi’s mental destruction. As she turns the wheel, the cursor stops for “Joker” two times in a row, as if the wheel itself also shows mercy for the poor slave, and doesn’t want to take a role in her torment. This session will be extremely hard for Yultsi, and now you watch and see her getting mad for her misfortune.

Format: MP4
Duration: 14 Min
Size: 1316 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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