Good Spanking – MP4/HD – Olivia Chase, Tasha Welch – A Hot Hand


goodspanking – MP4/HD – Olivia Chase, Tasha Welch – A Hot Hand

Left alone by their hubbies, Darlene (Olivia) and Susan (Tasha) can’t help but get themselves in trouble. Armed with a deck of cards and a bottle of tequila, these two beauties are soon half naked as they bluff and blush their way through a game of strip poker. Hoping to keep her panties up, Darlene goes for broke. If she loses the next hand, Susan can spank her — the same way Darlene’s husband would. Poor Darlene! All she wins is a quick trip across Susan’s knee, where her naughty, bare backside pays her debt. But Susan has a confession of cheating to make — and soon her naked, red bottom is proof that Darlene has the winning hand, after all!

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Duration: 00:42:28
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