Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Treasure Hunt – Darcia


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Treasure Hunt – Darcia

This is the pilot episode of our brand new pain game. The player must collect treasure chests from among the choices on the game board. The more chests she collects, the higher prize she might win. 1 chest: $250 – 2 chests: $500 – 3 chests: $1000 – 4 chests: $2000 – 5 chests: $5000. While hunting for the treasure, the player must face some painful punishments. These punishments depend on which fields the player reveals during the hunt. She may stop at any prize level if she complete the next punishment round. One exception: The fifth Treasure Chest means an INSTANT win of $5000. Darcia is the first player to tests the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.

Poor Darcia Lee!

Treasure Hunt is going to be a very interesting game going forward. There are many different ways in which it can play out so far as I can tell. The player is looking for Treasure Chest cards hidden on a board. They increase the amount of money the player wins for completing the next punishment round. For example if you find 3 chests the round is worth $1,000 on completion. There are also many punishment cards; number of strokes, modifiers and body part cards are all included. Five can be revealed at any one time. The strokes and modifiers stack until a body part is drawn and then the round commences. If a body part is drawn with no strokes then the round is considered completed. It may not be as simple to read as Painful Duel but it is really easy to follow on video, especially when the host is explaining things as we go.

The ideal scenario is to find 5 chests in a row and walk away with $5,000 instantly. And that is possible; to win $5,000 with no punishment at all. Equally a player could end up getting 5 punishment rounds with no money. It’s like I said, there are numerous ways this can go.

Darcia is todays player. She is a cute brunette, with a thin petite frame but really large tits. I’ll admit I didn’t like her much in COP 8. I found her to be far too cocky and arrogant and especially unapologetic for mistreating Linda. She really suffered in that game after getting a taste of her own medicine. And not unlike Ariel in last months COP RLD she is not quite the same person. She is nervous and full of trepidation and admittedly so. And as we are going to see she has a new found taste for fair play. This is a game where I really grew to like her, I’ll admit that right now. Her goal is to win $2,000.

The domina was supposed to be Amanda, but she had to pull out and instead we have Darcias friend, the sexy psychopath Tatjana wielding the whip. Tatjana has been warned not to show any favour to Darcia and treat this like any other game. Here is a short script of how I imagine Tatjana heard that command:
EP Host: Do not show her any favour, you must make sure that the viewers know she isn’t getting off easy.
Tatjana: OK, no problem.
EP Host: Is that going to be difficult for you? She is your friend.
Tatjana: Actually it’s going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience. I will use all the tricks in my play book.
Let’s say she goes out of her way to make Darcia suffer.

But the game is set so, LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

Round 1

30 strikes to the tits for $250.

Darcia finds a chest early. The delight on her face is genuinely quite heart warming. I do like a nice smile on a girl, and the potential to see more of that as more chests are discovered is, for me at least, a bonus of this game. Sadly for her she finds 30 strokes and then a different kind of chest. The tit card.

She is placed in a neck holter with her hands above her head. Now usually I like to pick apart key moments in the rounds but if I did that here I would typing this review for an entire week. There are so many confrontations and major moments in this video that I will be more broad with my description of the rounds.

Darcias big boobs make for a great target for Tatjana. And indeed not many strokes miss the mark. It doesn’t take long for the tears to start flowing. The shots are very hard immediately. The pain must’ve been intense beyond belief. Darcia tries to plead with Tatjana mentioning some agreement about not striking the nipples. This is Tatjana though so as you may imagine the plea gets a strong rebuttal as Tatjana does not acknowledge the agreement. No favour is to be shown here.

Darcia suffers greatly here letting out little yelps of pain after the first big screams. She is a sobbing wreck in quick order. It’s quite amusing watching Tatjana order Darcia to regain her composure, and to see her comply only to have that composure whipped out of her again on the next stroke. At one point Darcia gets a cut above her nipple and the look on her face is really something. It was at this point I knew we were going to see a special movie.

Darcia makes it through though so the hunt is on once again.

Round 2

30 seconds of electric torture to the pussy for $1,000.

We do see a round get dropped in the next hunt. So we get to see that rule play out. But Darcia finds 2 chests before drawing a 30 electro pussy combo. The look on her face says it all. She is nervous as hell about this.

The rule is that Darcia must count the seconds herself and if she counts too fast then the round restarts. Once the power is on Darcia begins to panic. As a result the counting is far too fast. I must say that Tatjana is very lenient here and gives Darcia many warnings choosing not to DQ her. This round is very different to what we normally see and it is very interesting to watch. There are no visible marks left over but it definitely made an impression on Darcia. And the shocking pain is plain for all to see.

Don’t worry fans of seeing marked pussies. Your patience will be rewarded soon as Darcia survives to hunt again.

Round 3

20 strokes to the soles for $1,000.

And here is another element of Treasure Hunt. The possibility of receiving more punishments for no extra cash. We also see a no more than 5 cards at one time mechanic play out when Darcia dodges a needle. Well she dodges 2 to be pedantic. But the look on her face while the cards are there is something else. God does she look scared.

In the end though fans of bastinado are going to be very happy. Darcia is to be caned 20 times on the soles. We see Darcia say that it is unfair to use the cane since it’s use on the girls has been prohibited. I think she may have been feeling like she was still being punished for what she did to Linda and that COP 8 was where she made up for that. Who knows?

What I can say is that this round is pure agony. The sound the cane makes when it rips at Darcias soles is intense. Wince inducing stuff. At one point Darcia curls her toes in pain and Tatjana threatens to break them. It’s so good to see two friends getting along isn’t it?

Darcia really proves how tough she is because this round is harsh and then some. I can best sum it up like this. She has the same mental strength as Ariel but she doesn’t have the medical problems that make her more likely to pass out. Her will to survive and win big money is very impressive and it starts to take front and centre as we continue.

Round 4

30 strokes to the pussy for $1,000.

After some more dropped rounds we see 30 strokes and the doms choice card come out. And knowing Tatjana like we now do there was only one way this was going to go. On the pussy.

Fans of pussy whipping will surely be pleased. This is Tatjana we’re talking about. The agony is really evident and before long the unmarked pussy of Darcia is red raw and marked to hell. Her screams are becoming visceral and we see a real display of Darcias toughness and one that is ripping respect from me with every passing second.

I said I wasn’t going to pick on moments too much but I must talk about this one. Tatjana performs her signature move by switching the strap for the knotted single tail. Poor Darcias reaction is by far strongest I’ve seen so far. The terror is palpable and she starts to beg Tatjana for some mercy. I mean she really begs. She is literally crying through her words. Then she starts trying to negotiate and the fear is clear through her voice. But we’re talking about the sexy psychopath Tatjana here so naturally that gets Darcia into more trouble.

And the effect the single tail has is dramatic. It cuts Darcias raw pussy open and the blood begins to flow free. This is savagery to be honest and after somehow surviving Darcia makes another comment about being treated unfairly. And to be honest I’m starting to wonder if we’re pushing the limit of consent here. It would seem that the use of this instrument hasn’t been discussed with the players beforehand. And I do wonder if it had been would they consent to it? But then there is the side of me that finds the moments it provides very exciting to watch. The player could give up but then she would lose all the money. And would that be fair when one instrument had been agreed beforehand but now an entirely more brutal one is being used? It’s food for thought more than anything.

I wasn’t sure if a review was the best place to discuss a topic like consent. But I thought to include it to illustrate how strong Darcias reaction was.

Round 5

140 strokes to the back thighs for $2,000.

Yes you read that right. First off Darcia gets a 4th chest which brings her to $2,000 which is her stated goal. Darcia gets very unlucky with the numbers she picks as they total 70. It’s even worse with a double or nothing coin flip going against her. And then there is the position she is in. Just look at it and ask yourself if we’re going to see a back thighs round or an accidental pussy round? If you think it’s the former then please get in touch with me. I have a nice house called Buckingham Palace that I’m willing to sell to a GIMP lover for only $5,000.

For the sake of the length of this review I will tell you this is the last round. Does Darcia walk away with her $2,000 target in her pocket? Does she find that last chest and walk away with $5,000? Or does her extraordinary toughness break from 140 strokes occasionally on the back thighs? All I can say is the spectacle in the last round is incredible. Darcia’s heart is immense and Tatjana is out for more blood. It’s a real battle.

Before I mention a few things I would like to say that you will enjoy the easter egg. It gives us a tantalising glimpse of Tatjana in a compromising position. It’s comeuppance time.

I really liked Darcia in this video. Her struggle to fight on is exceptional and she really gave it a bloody good go. And because of that we got to see many different possibilities of Treasure Hunt play out in one video. She was fantastic and I have a huge amount of respect for her after this.

Tatjana is as great as ever. I truly think she is the number 1 domina. Her sadism is on another level and her willingness to push the limit is amazing to watch.

Since we spend longer at the board than in the other games I will also mention the host. I think he does a great job. He coldly states facts while Darcia is clearly terrified of the needle card. He is also sympathetic and expresses admiration after great feats of courage. I think he deserves a lot of credit for the way he hosts these games. He has one of the best seats in the house for these movies and he earns it.

I will say that the back whipping lovers may be disappointed by this movie since there isn’t any. But the bastinado and pussy whipping fans are going to be watching this one on repeat for a while to come I think. And if you just want to see a beautiful girl in great pain and you’re not fussy how it happens then you’ll be watching this one on repeat as well.

I have said before that EP has been hitting a consistently high standard since COP was first introduced and Treasure Hunt is definitely a worthy new game that should be highly entertaining for many videos to come.

I give this A++ which I will now re name grade S!

I hope enjoyed the review despite how long it was. Roll on May and COP 12 ft Zazie.

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Duration: 85 Min
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