Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Painful Duel 7


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Painful Duel 7

Painful Duel 7 by ElitePain
First off, let me say that you don’t need to go back and watch any other previous Mood Pictures/ElitePain films to fully enjoy this film. The title might say “7”, but the plot stands alone. It’s pretty simple: Liv is making time with Zazie’s boyfriend, and Zazie has challenged her to a duel. Zazie wants to best Liv in a contest to see which of them is the stronger woman. That’s as good a reason as any to explain why two beautiful women would subject themselves to the pain that they’re about to receive, and to be honest, it’s kind of the best reason.

Lady Amanda gets the action going with a breast whipping that is absolutely terrifying to watch. By “terrifying” I mean the action is hot – Hot – HOT! I love the interaction between the two women as they look at the other during their punishment. Liv looks scared to death, and Zazie tries to put on a brave face.

I really love the interplay between the two women here; just the right mix of defiance and bravery, contrasted with fear and terror. And speaking of contrast, I liked that the two women’s bodies are a contrast as well; one blue-eyed fair-skinned blonde and one brown-eyed dusky brunette. Both totally hot, and both totally whipped to pieces.

After surviving Round One of their ordeal, the two girls are subjected to an ass whipping. They’re bound to a frame that displays their attributes nicely. After having their tits abused in Round One, it doesn’t take long for Lady Amanda’s whip to do its handiwork against the girls’ stamina as their asses begin to redden with the blows from her whip. It helps that since their pert asses are so closely bound together, a few of the strikes intended for one girl end up catching the other girl, too. Lady Amanda takes advantage of the situation and decides to whip them both at the same time. It’s only fair, right?

Next comes what could possibly be the best AOH whipping scene ever recorded.

The girls are bound side by side, wrists cuffed and raised high, stretching their bodies out for the whip. Unlike the earlier tests, where the girls were given lashes in groups of ten, this time each girl will receive one lash, then the other girl will receive a lash, then back to the first girl. This means that we, the viewer, will enjoy near-continuous whip strikes against the backs of our two heroic women as they endure stroke after stroke. Barely will they have recovered from one lash before the next lash falls.

Look at those beautiful unmarked backs, strung up and waiting for the kiss of the whip.

The victims cry out beautifully as each stroke finds its mark. Both women are attractive, young, and full of life. As their bodies break down, their cries become a symphony of pain and agony. Their faces twist with shock and horror as their bodies dangle from the ends of the chain.

Lady Amanda has never looked better. I love her outfit and her choice of colors; not a full black, but a mix of black and navy blue to give her some color. It’s a good decision and I like it; a good mix of dark colors but with a splash of palette to give her some attention. I also appreciated that she chose to wear a black bra to match her skirt and that she kept that third button open so that we could see that black bra. This is a woman that knows how to dress her body, and dress it well.I like Lady Amanda better in this role than as the victim. It’s a role she plays the way I think a dominant role should be played. She’s clearly in her element here and she makes this film that much more powerful. A good movie needs a good villain, and she does that well in this film. The fact that it’s bilingual – Zazie is Hungarian and Liv is American – is a plus. Lady Amanda shows her lingual skills by speaking both languages, and she sounds absolutely cold and evil when she speaks English with her Hungarian accent. She’s just dripping with evil deliciousness.

The film does have a few issues. For one thing, the sound has a bit of a hollow echo to it, as if the microphone was in a tunnel. For some, that may enhance the effect of being in a dark, spacious dungeon. If it’s a distraction, you can watch the film with the sound off and the movie will still stand strong; it’s that good.

The second problem I have is mostly in the first round of action. In some camera angles, Lady Amanda is blocking the view of Zazie. Even though Zazie isn’t the focal point when Liv is getting her punishment, it’s nice to be able to see Zazie’s reaction to Liv’s suffering. Liv looks absolutely terrified as Zazie absorbs the blows and each stroke that falls on Zazie counts down to Liv’s turn under the lash, so it would be nice to see if Zazie reacts the same way as she awaits her turn.

The third problem I have with the film is the size and placement of the watermark. Granted, the watermark isn’t present throughout the entirety of the film, but it does obstruct some key moments in the first round; namely, Liv’s look of anticipation of the next whip stroke.

That said, this film is still strong enough to warrant a place in your library, particularly the third round in which the girls are strung up and whipped until they can’t take any more abuse. That scene alone is worth the price, and when you add in the drama of the first round’s tit whipping, you get a film that is a must-buy for whipping fans. It’s not often that Mood Pictures/Elite Pain gets two women of the caliber of Zazie and Liv, particularly under the whip of Lady Amanda. While this film could be better, it’s still a dynamite production. I really hope we see both of these women in a sequel; perhaps Liv getting revenge against Zazie. Or, if you’re a stickler for rules and fair play, Zazie actually endures one whip stroke more than Liv. We can’t have that now, can we? If this were a sport, both teams would need to re-take the field to play out the game. In this case, we should have both girls strung up and whipped again. It’s only fair.

Buy this film, or else Lady Amanda will whip this girl.

If you do buy this film, Lady Amanda will whip them both.

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