Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Cards of Pain 14


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Cards of Pain 14

Well, let us have a closer look to Elitepain’s newest release: Cards of Pain 14

The movie starts als always with the interview of the participating contestant, a newbie named Cynthia.

Cynthia is really cute. I love it how she nervously licks her lips sometime or how she makes big cheeks, when she exhales. The striptease at the beginning was also very exciting. The way she gets more and more desperate in the finale round is nice to see as well. Her many tattoos annoy me only slightly.

The idea to place some bdsm furniture is perhaps not the best. It is distracting a bit. I do not mind that much, but I think I have read some similar comments here as well.

As it is perhaps known I am a traditionalist. A good back whipping is what I go for the most. I was delighted that a good amount of strokes was predicted, but in order…

Did I mention that I hate the “save” lucky card? Buttocks punishment comes 2nd on my preferences. Damn! 👿
So in 1st round Cynthia’s buttocks were spared, sigh.

Next lucky card makes up for it, though 😀
For the bastinado round she draws double all, unlucky Cynthia. I really don’t go for bastinado, but I am sure the fans will be delighted. I did not fast forward the scene, but watched it with only semi interest.

Did I mention that our doms Amanda & Tatjana look stunning as always?

The next round is more interesting for me. The “keep pose” card is one of my favourites. Very sexy to have Cynthia in the diaper pose, holding her back of her knees for this. Cynthia gets my attention more and more. 🙂
I do not regret, that she did not fail. I fear the movie would have been over very quickly otherwise. Thank god she manages.

Next round: No tits punishment, lucky card says pussy again. No wonder she wants to quit instantly. But the host manages to coax her into giving it a try. I now really appreciate her bravery. The double pussy round, so to speak is obviously very taxing for Cynthia and thus nice to see for us 🙂

But best comes last. As written above I go for back whipping the most. Thus the last round is almost perfect for me. The intensity, the tempo, the amount of strokes, the doms’ comments, Cynthia’s reactions.., the way she suffers, almost perfect! I write almost on purpose. I have this preference of the stretched AOH pose (instead of outspread arms). It makes the breasts rise a bit, pointing towards the viewer. It is thus so much more erotic to me. But of course I accept that this is only my personal taste and that I am only one of many viewers.. Perhaps next time. 😉
And please do not get me wrong on this. It is still a great whipping scene. I loved it!

So, how good was it for me? Well, a double pussy round was thrilling to watch. I really appreciate Cynthia’s bravery. The damned “save” card for buttocks and the omission of a breasts round (which in turn enabled the double pussy round) could not spoil my pleasure. The almost perfect back whipping more than made up for it. 😀

For me it is a great movie again! Thank you, dear Pedro.
I grade it: A-

– the minus only because of the omission of a buttocks and a breast punishment round (luck of the draw, I know) and because of the pose for the back whipping, which could have been slightly better for me (personal taste!).
Otherwise it would have been A+ for sure. 🙂

On another place the question occured if we want Cynthia back for more. One must be kidding asking this question!
The answer can only be: YES YES YES! 😀

Format: MP4
Duration: 62 Min
Size: 1017 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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