Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Cards of Pain RLD – Ariel


Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Cards of Pain RLD – Ariel

Cards of Pain Reloaded is a fantastic twist on a great ElitePain game. As before the player divides 100 strokes between their soles/thighs, pussy, tits, ass and back. And then she draws 5 ‘lucky’ cards that modify the punishment. To be fair sometimes they are better but most of the time they make a difficult task almost impossible. Ariel found this out to her dismay in COP 6 with the triple all card. So in RLD you can buy a new card for 10 extra strokes in the hopes of getting a better result.

Now that may sound like it tips the odds in the favour of the player. I thought so at least. But then I gave it some thought and realised that it could make things so much worse. Let’s say for instance we start with a pussy round of 10 strokes and the needle comes up. Well you could re roll and now have to take 20 strokes instead. But you may get a triple. Thus taking 10 strokes to a potential 60 after tripling the 20. That’s purely hypothetical at this point of course but as I think it is possible.

Today Ariel is playing the game and she is not the Ariel we are used to seeing. In Cards of Pain 6 Ariel demonstrated pure hubris which loosely means to show excessive pride and arrogance. It had been a long time since she had to endure more than she could handle and it showed. But by the end of that movie she had passed out twice.

This experience really seems to have changed her. She says that she is here not for the money, $20,000 to be exact, but instead to redeem her loss. Her expression is earnest and she talks about her health problems and it’s like “who is this person?” Something that hasn’t changed though is how achingly beautiful and attractive she is. I do have a soft spot for seeing her as a sub and with a more modest goal I found myself rooting for her.

Here is how she divided the strokes; 15-soles/thighs, 10-pussy, 25-boobs, 25-bum and 25-back. The doms are Amanda, who has history with Ariel and a long standing mutual dislike exists between them. And then we have the sexy psychopath Tatjana. In previous movies Ariel and Tatjana have been seen high fiving each other. You may even say that they seem to like each other.

So here we go. LET THE GAME BEGIN!

Round 1

Round one is 10 strokes on the pussy with the card doubling it up to 20. No re roll.

Before the round we get to see Ariel strip on camera again. She playfully questions it with a smile on her face. But she goes through with it, so there’s an extra treat for us.

Ariel is tied down horizontally on a cross with her legs wide open. And she already looks scared with her eyes darting around the room. She doesn’t even respond to Amanda taunting her. Amanda is up first and she wastes no time in giving it to Ariel. The strokes are hard and accurate. Ariels pussy immediately starts turning bright red and the tears start to well up. It’s going to be a long day for Ariel.

Then it is Tatjanas turn and it is exactly what you expect. Powerful and intense. Just what we love her for. The tears start to flow now. And Ariel is really struggling. She keeps looking off to the sides and around. And it’s got to be said that she never looks truly settled and calm in the game. I cannot stress that this is not the same person who started COP 6. Amanda takes the strap again and smack after smack ring out. The screams pierce the air and Ariel starts coughing.

And then it happens. Tatjana goes for her signature weapon, the single tail. Ariels reaction is strong and for the first time she talks back. But not in defiance. She questions whether Tatjana hates her as well? The expression on her face seems hurt and betrayed. And like Lyen before her she looks off to the side, I’m guessing at Pedro as if to ask if this is seriously going to be allowed.

If you thought Ariel was screaming before then you haven’t heard anything yet. On stroke 18 the single tail does it’s job and cuts into Ariels clitoral hood. And I felt something new. A little bit sorry for Ariel. The combination of her demeanour and pain makes me feel for her. I can’t say I’ve ever felt that for the doms. Normally I just gain respect for them when they sub. But this time it’s different. Ariel is being put through the wringer here and it’s clear she is in agony.

After the round Amanda starts to taunt her about fainting again. Tatjana taunts her about her bleeding pussy and Ariel stays silent but looks annoyed. In the interview she seems to be fighting back tears as she is biting her bottom lip. She genuinely looks to be on the verge of crying. She explains how she feels the single tail was very unfair and again states she doesn’t know what Tatjanas problem is with her. And now we move to round 2.

Round 2

25 strokes on the breasts changed to to 35 with +10 on all the remaining rounds. No re roll.

It isn’t the worst but it isn’t great. Ariel really considers her options but doesn’t try for a new card. Again that pride and arrogance aren’t there. And now she is tied arms over head with her hands together on a post behind her. And we see a bit of the defiance as she talks back to Tatjana, assuring her she will have revenge. Sadly I doubt we’ll see it as Tatjana, in my opinion, is too scared to play a full game.

This round is brutal again. On stroke 6 we see a side view as Amanda sends one straight to the nipple and we see Ariels boob deform on impact. It must be horrendously painful and Ariels expression of dread and fear returns. We get a real closeup on her and she is grimacing and fighting the pain but failing. She is suffering here and badly. She keeps looking down at the marks and it is the most submissive look she’s had to my memory.

As the round progresses she starts to breathe more rapidly as she is losing her battle to control the pain. A look of desperation appears on her face. The same look before she passed out previously. And now the question starts to become whether Ariel will make it through the game as it getting more doubtful.

Tatjana tells her she should pull herself together as she is a domina. And Ariel correctly states that she is braver than her. The pride makes a brief appearance. But Amanda again taunts her for passing out. The round is over at this point and Ariel asks to be taken down but the dominas leave her there. At the start of the interview she looks upset as a tear rolls down her face. I think she is taking a real emotional battering in this game as well as a physical battering.

Round 3

35 on the back but after restarting the game again. Re rolled to 45 full body.

The reset rears it’s devilish head. This is a no brainer for Ariel. Her clit is already bleeding and her left nipple is marked to death. Restarting is no option so for 10 extra shots the full body card is drawn and we now have 45 full body.

But the doms know she doesn’t want to get more shots on the same areas as before so she is going to be taking all the shots on the front of her body in a crucifix position.

And this is where Ariel really does start to suffer. Amanda asks if Ariel thought she would be getting a back whip or two? It would have been fair she replies. But not as fun for the dominas.

A smile crosses Amandas lips as the whipping begins and the little defiance from Ariel disappears again. She is now locked in a battle with her body. Fighting the excruciating pain that she is in. Her whole body starts to mark up and that look of desperation returns. This round really is a struggle. She is breathing so heavily and rapidly and sagging in her bonds.

And then she says what was becoming apparent. She says she thinks she is going to pass out. And something happens I really didn’t think I’d see. The host interrupts the game to wheel out a cart so Ariel can kneel for the rest of the round. Saving her strength and making it safer if she does pass out. He really demonstrates a willingness to help her out and even offers to modify the game later. He says he felt the same as I did. Her attitude has earnt her some goodwill.

The whipping continues and Ariel just makes it. It was a struggle to be sure. Even to the point where Amanda actually looks a bit concerned or maybe amazed. I can’t quite tell. Ariel tries to take a bit of a victory but Amanda rips it away from her at every turn. Ultimately reminding Ariel that the game is not over yet.

And it isn’t but I’m going to let you find out what happens next. I’ve already said the host offers help so you’ll have to find out what happens there. Does Ariel seemingly inevitably pass out again or will she go all the way and get the win she came for.

There is an after game scene worth seeing. A bit of a tender moment that may make you feel a bit softer towards Tatjana. And the Easter Egg is great as the host talks Zazie into making a massive mistake in awakening the sexy psychopath in Tatjana in her upcoming COP 12. That one is coming in May and Pedro previously stated in a forum that Zazie may not be back after what happens in that one.

I really enjoyed Cards of Pain RLD. Ariel is my favourite person to watch sub. She is so goddam beautiful it makes it more enjoyable to me. But as you can tall I like the mental part of these games a lot too and Ariel is so expressive in her face and body language. You can see her real fear and trepidation bleeding through the confident and defiant façade she puts up. I see some say how fearless she is but I don’t think that is the case. You do see glimpses of real anxiety on her face and upset in this movie. But she soldiers on bravely because quitting isn’t an option to her. And my god I love that about her.

Amanda and Tatjana were great here too. Amanda was taunting Ariel so meanly it was quite harrowing. And Tatjana bringing out the single tail was fun as always.

I think you’ll like this one. And it makes for great viewing after COP 6 just to really compare and contrast the two Ariels. I really enjoyed it and I’ll rate it A+

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