Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Cards of Pain 11


Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Cards of Pain 11

Poor Dorothy. And holy cow what an Easter Egg.

Cards of Pain is a fantastic game. The player must divide 100 strokes between 5 body parts which are, in board order: soles/thighs, pussy, tits, ass and back. She then draws 5 “lucky” cards which modify the punishment. Sometimes they are helpful but more often than not they are truly diabolical!

Todays player is Dorothy. She’s a cute blonde girl out to win some money to put towards university. Noble goals to be sure. She has some experience with Elite Pain, as she took part in Save Your Friend 2 with her friend Linda. In the pre game interview she admits to being nervous. This time she is alone and has no one to draw strength from.

She decides on an even approach to the game and assigns 20 strokes to each body part. The cards are drawn and we’re ready for round 1.


Round 1
20 strokes on the pussy changed to 20 drops of wax on the pussy.

Dorothy opts to get the most feared body part over and done with first. The lucky card swaps a whip for candle wax. Dorothy is lying on her back with her legs tied far apart and holding her pussy open. Amanda starts first.

Dorothy actually seems to handle this first round quite well. There are some sharp yelps as the wax first drops down but other than that there isn’t much else. Tatjana takes over for the second half of the punishment. Dorothy counts 1 again and is mocked for wanting to start again. This is obviously not the case and she corrects herself. She gets away with the mistake, for now.

Since candle wax can be tricky to aim there are a few repeated drops. But Dorothy doesn’t protest this too much and the first round passes without incident.

In the post round interview we can in fact see her smiling. Indeed this round was a little warm up if you’ll pardon the pun.

Round 2
20 strokes to the ass changed to 20 strokes on the thighs.

And this is where things start to go wrong for Dorothy. In the interview segment she admitted she didn’t like the dominas. They heard her. Tatjana tells her she will be taking the shots on the front of the thighs as a result. The screams start coming and the tears start flowing. Tatjana is hitting her hard here. At stroke 10 Dorothy makes a big mistake and protests about some shots that missed her thighs. And Tatjana scarily grabs her by the chin and gets in her face. But Dorothy keeps up the protest and Tatjana requests Amanda suitably punish her.

From now on the dominas start taunting Dorothy over where the shots land. They don’t want her to feel cheated you understand. Dorothy gives them attitude and pays for it with some hard strokes from Amanda. She is really crying now and the tears are flowing free. I noticed she closed her eyes towards the end of the round and keeps them closed. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then Dorothy is denying Amanda and Tatjana a glimpse into her true suffering.

At shot 18 Dorothy protests again about a missed stroke. And Amanda repeats it so that Dorothy isn’t being cheated 😆 . But Dorothy counts 20. Amanda seemed like she was about to let it go. But Tatjana is having none of it and the shots are repeated until Dorothy falls in line. And she does; eventually.

After the round Dorothy is clearly shaken. But she then calls Amanda and Tatjana lame for missing. Whoops. That was a mistake.

Round 3
20 strokes on the breasts doubled to 40!
Immediately following Dorothy’s mistake she chooses to do the boob round and the card is 2x all. So we have 40 strokes for the remaining rounds. Her reaction is instant and her morale breaks. She is fighting back the tears and she looks scared, which is something she admits to.

She is now in a crucifix style pose. Amanda informs her that the doms heard her lame comment. She also requests Dorothy keeps informing them of missed strokes. She is really goading Dorothy hard here but the combination of the last round and the doubler have made Dorothy very silent.

And she stays this way. Dorothy really submits here, choosing not to talk back and her body language reflects that. As the round goes on she starts to drop her head more and more, in a truly submissive pose. Her eyes remain closed and she doesn’t look the dominas in the eye with the only exception being when they switch around.

This is a great round and I really like the side view where you can see Dorothy’s tits shaking under the impact. Amanda and Tatjana continue taunting her to no response which makes them taunt the lack of response. It is fantastic mental torture to go along with the physical torture. At the very end Dorothy loses her strength and falls to her knees with her head bowed. Completely broken.

After the round she almost gives up. Thankfully the host manages to talk her out of it but it takes some serious convincing. Dorothy is really struggling and it’s plain for all to see. But she does continue on, so, let round 4 begin.

Round 4
40 strokes to the soles changed to whole body.
I think that picture really does tell the story quite nicely. Pedro told us that Amanda even tried to console Dorothy after the game. But we’re not here for that. Dorothy is tied in my favourite position with her hands above her head in a way that she can be turned. She starts with her back facing the dominas but Amanda tells her to turn around.

To be honest, this round continues in the same vane as the end of the last round. The doms continue to berate Dorothy but she doesn’t reply. She is lost in her own world of suffering with her eyes shut and her head bowed down towards the floor. She really is a broken girl now and there is an aura in this scene. I don’t know how to put it into words, maybe unsettling. Just seeing a girl broken, crying and counting whips is a sight that pulls sympathy from me. All she wanted was to win some money to go to university after all.

And that is all I will tell you about what happens. Did Dorothy make it to the end of round 4 and continue on to win the game or not? I will let you find out the answer for yourself because I do think you’ll enjoy finding out. This is a movie where you get to see a girl completely submit.

Dorothy puts in a really good performance here and deserves a lot of credit. The doms were in fantastic form hitting hard and jumping on any defiance quickly and decisively. It is quite a straight forward movie without many serious dramatic moments. It’s just one girl really suffering through her torments and I quite like that to be honest.

But if you aren’t interested in the plight of Dorothy and you want to see some drama then do not turn away dear gimp fan. The Easter Egg at the end of this film has you well and truly covered as it gives us a glimpse at an unprecedented event that you will send your jaw to the floor. I would love to tell you more but as per Pedro’s request I won’t. I didn’t think an Easter Egg would be worth the price of the video alone but if ever there was one, this is it.

I hope you enjoy the film and I hope you enjoyed the review. I’d love to hear some feedback on it as I’ve tried to keep it shorter as I felt my Painful Duel 9 review was a little too long.

Rating: A

Format: MP4
Duration: 70 Min
Size: 1180 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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