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66504469 snow4 2 main - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Making Snow - Dr. Snow

This week I continue driving into Snow’s brain (via her bare bottom) about buckling down with focus to finish up her doctorate. You will see from this VERY SEVERE session that it was having a true effect on her. The funny thing was she knew my make-up artist from ‘vanilla world’ and she watched the entire spanking! This added to Snow’s embarrassment. The make-up artist is my niece and I had no idea that she knew Snow from ‘non-spanko’ meetings through mutual friends. My niece didn’t have to stay…she wanted to. I wonder to this day if there was a reason she wanted to see Snow get this blistering.

Enjoy this severe OTK session, that marked even a seasoned spanko like Snow. Then on to a face down, bottom up, strapping session, with Snow looking more beautiful than women have a right to.

66504470 thumbs20180319173038 - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Making Snow - Dr. Snow

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Length: 20 min 36 s
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