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Mai Ly ( aka Amy Aveline) is not a spanko. You will never see her getting spanked anywhere but here. You see, I met Mai before she was in adult films. This was at an adult expo in Los Angeles. We became friends long before I gave her a first spanking. Mai HATES spankings, as you will see during this one. She also had problems with juggling her school ( adult work paid her tuition) and jobs and her desire to party. I talked to her about this extensively before this was filmed. When she told me she fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a field ( luckily), I decided it was time to step in. This was the third spanking she had received this day and her tender bottom was beyond sore. It starts with Mai lying naked on a couch. She is told to go and stand by a school desk (subliminal) After her nude form and red bottomed is displayed, I enter and tell her to put on something hanging up in the next room. She comes out in a see-through, baby-doll chiffon nightie from the 1960’s She looked HOT! She is taken to the dominator, wherein her hands were cuffed to each side. I start with a large wooden spoon and spanked her hard enough for bulls-eyes to appear. I move on to a well spanking-worn belt. She bucked out of position and had to be put back in place, her screams and tears showing that the punishment was having the desired affect. I move to a large antique razor strap afterwards. The makes her scream and cry with CRAZY TEARS. I then comfort her and talk her down from her uncontrollable sobbing. She is my friend, so it was bitter sweet to have to teach her this kind of lesson. I do some great after spanking fly-bys with the camera in a complete 360 degree view. So to wrap it up… A real college girl who is paying for college with adult work, is given a real disciplinary session by her friend, born out of a trust a few years in the making. This is one on my most memorable punishment spankings based on these things alone. This completely NEW EDIT and Mastering makes this very special spanking even more special now!

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