Captive Chrissy Marie – MP4/Full HD – Chrissy Marie – The Interrogation Of Chrissy Marie


Captive Chrissy Marie – MP4/Full HD – Chrissy Marie – The Interrogation Of Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie had just celebrated her third year with the FBI. Thinking back over her short tenure it seemed like much longer. Her first year was spent languishing in the file room. An over paid secretary with a license to carry a weapon and handcuffs her friend and best bud Mandy used to say. Mandy was the main reason Chrissy had survived those boring days. They had become more than just partners and roommates, they had also become kinky bondage lovers. Their first break had come when they had joined a special anti terror task force and had been captured on their first mission by the bad guys, really bad guys. But they had survived that and in the end came out heroes.

Fast forward now to reality. Life had been pretty routine since then. Mandy and her were still living together and playing bondage escape games whenever they had the time but assignments had kept them separated most of the time. Chrissy’s current assignment was no exception. The FBI had been investigating Garrote Santos, a South American druglord who got his name for the way he liked to torture his enemies. He had been hard to pin any evidence on until someone in his organization gave the FBI a tip. Armed with this new found intelligence Chrissy was assigned to sneak into his office to seize the logbook that they had been told would hold the evidence that would convict Santos. Late in the evening after Santos’s office was empty Chrissy dressed in camouflage tights and picked the lock to his office to search for the logbook. Methodically and slowly in minimal light she searched until something stopped her cold in her tracks. A sound, was that a foot step, a door latch. She never had the time to find out. Swiftly a hand holding a white cloth pillow case dropped it over her head. A leather gloved hand covered her mouth and Chrissy gasped for breath but he overtakes her and she falls limp in his grasp.

Chrissy awoke slowly, shaking her head trying to clear the cobwebs. She tried to move her body and quickly realized she was tied, tied very tightly. She tried to open her eyes and learned she was blindfolded. She was sitting but when she tried to stand she realized she was nearly welded to the chair. Assessing her situation Chrissy was pretty sure she was naked. Her arms were over the top of the back of a chair. Her wrists were bound palm to palm with tight ropes. Her shoulders were yoked together and pulled back. These ropes were most likely tied to her elbows which were also tied closely together giving her arms no slack. Her legs were spread open tied to the front legs of the chair at the ankles and knees. Ropes also encircled her chest above and below her breasts and were cinched in between her ample bosoms which were now getting her attention. But what got most of her attention was the pain coming from her nipples. What the hell was that all about? She tried shaking her breasts from side to side but the pain would not go away.

“It’s about time you woke up, what would the FBI think of you sleeping on the job.” A voice in the room said. “Yes Miss Marie, I know who you are and what you’re doing here, but what I don’t know and you’re going to tell me is who informed you…you’re going to tell me who in my organization is a traitor” the voice demanded. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” shouted Chrissy. Laughter broke out and Chrissy was shaken by this. “Good answer Miss Marie, I was hoping you would say that” the voice said. Suddenly the blindfold was ripped off and Chrissy quickly adjusted to the lights but could not see anyone. The room seemed to be dark except for the pool of light surrounding the chair she was in. Spotlights from above she surmised. She took quick assessment of the non-escapable bondage she was in and found she was indeed naked. She also looked down at her nipples which were tightly held prisoner be 2 large menacing clover clamps. She knew all too well the pain their unyielding jaws could deliver. The clamps were connected by a serious chain adding weight to their already tight embrace. She also noticed something which made her blood freeze. The center of the chain was connected to yet another chain. This one went up into the ceiling somewhere. There was no tension on the chain at the moment but the thought of what he could do if he were to tighten it was dreadful. “I told you I don’t know what you’re talking about! Please let me go!” Chrissy cried. “It will be so much more fun torturing the name out of you Miss Marie” said the voice. And with that the chain slowly began to tighten. It pulled all the slack out of the connecting chain and just started to lift the clamps and put tension on her nipples. Chrissy clenched her teeth. Tighter and tighter it became stretching her nipples and lifting her breasts higher and higher. She would not give this asshole the pleasure of her screaming. “The Name Miss Marie, the name” coldly asked the voice. “Never” she replied. Then, just when she thought the pain far too much to bear and her tits would be ripped off, once more the white cloth pillow case and the gloved hand came from behind her and covered her head to quickly knock her out.

The next time Chrissy awoke she was standing. Her arms were pulled high above her head. Locked in handcuffs and stretched up by a rope that disappeared into the high ceiling. This time she was gagged with a large ballgag. Her neck was held straight by a stiff leather posture collar. She shook her head and heard the padlock in the back of the collar rattle. A long chain locked to the D ring in the front dangled loosely and disappeared into the shadows before her. Her legs were spread wide and tied to something out of her limited line of site but the stretch was uncomfortable. Without being able to pull her legs together she could offer her arms no relief. Although she could not see down there it was obvious that she had a very tight crotch rope tied through her crotch and ass cheeks creating another pain that would not go away. Then her focus again went to her nipples. The clamps were still there but the tensioning chain was gone. In its place was a very large padlock which was now adding weight to the nipple clamps and tugging her poor tortured nipples downward to the floor. The rope breast harness remained, but the focus of her attention was the chain from her collar going up into the ceiling. The chain in front of her became tight and pulled her forward straining her arms tied from above. “Yes it is I Garrote” said the voice. “I must thank you for the courtesy of having such lovely nipples, I do love torturing nipples” he said. “Now back to business, the name, Miss Marie!” Chrissy as gagged as she was could only shake her head no and that was not easy in the stiff collar. “No No No” she tried to say but it only came out in garbled drooling gag talk. A long silence and then a sound of something swiftly moving thru the air. “Whack”, the flogger came cracking down on Chrissy’s firm round ass. “Whack” again it crashed, “Whack Whack Whack” the whipping continued. Fear began to well in her. She was not in pain. Not yet but she knew this could get bad and soon. She was starting to feel the blows getting stronger. “The name Miss Marie, the name” shouted Garrote. Stubbornly Chrissy shook her head and defiantly cried “NO” thru her gag. Once again the white pillowcase and gloved hand appeared and subdues her yet again.

This time when Chrissy awoke she was on her feet but her torso was bent over horizontal to the ground. She was in what she knew to be a strappado. Her ankles and knees were tied together. A tight crotch rope pressed deep into her crotch. The crotch rope was pulled very tight and went up into the ceiling holding her ass high in the air. Her mouth held the largest ball gag she had ever seen. The breast ropes were still there but the clover clamps had been replaced by tweezer clamps. She could barely tell they were there except with every movement the bells rang out. Painful no, annoying yes. Why has he done this she thought? He could be torturing my nipples but instead he is toying with them? The large collar on her neck had been replaced by a slightly smaller one, again padlocked on and its chain leash was tied to her knee ropes pulling her head down keeping her torso bent at a 90 degree angle. The wrists were again tied palm to palm and the elbows were tied completely together. The arms were pulled straight up high behind her nearly vertically and pulled up to a rope coming from the ceiling. Chrissy felt like a guitar string waiting to be played. Chrissy felt something stir behind her. “Whack Whack Whack” as his hand begins spanking her already red ass. Part of her couldn’t help but enjoy this and he took notice. he bent down under her and added 2 large fishing weights to each of the nipple clamps. She let out a moan as the sensation in her nipples was sweet agony. A hand came down and pulled the ball gag from her mouth and left it dangling from her neck. Drool poured onto the floor beneath her. “Why Miss Marie, you aren’t supposed to be enjoying this” he said. “You haven’t given me much choice” Chrissy replied in short breaths. “The truth is Miss Marie, I had discovered the name of the traitor hours ago and no longer needed you. You have impressed me with your courage so I simply enjoyed playing with you.” Chrissy suddenly realized he intended to leave her in her predicament, but the pain in her arms was already overwhelming. “Please don’t leave me like this” she begged. “Why Miss Marie, I simply can’t just leave you here unrestrained. Is there a position you would rather be left in?” he asked. Chrissy was trapped and knew she had to think fast. What could she possibly escape from? Certainly not this! “If you’re going to leave me, please leave me hogtied” she finally blurted out.

And that is how Chrissy Marie ended up where she is now and has been for the last 2 hours. Garrote had taken her down from the painful strappado but left everything else in place. Crotch rope, collar, the works. He even put the replaced her tweezer clamps with the clover clamps he used on her first and her ballgag with a locking penis gag just for added torment. She was on her belly in a very tight hogtie. Garrote had not meant for her to perish like this. He had left just enough slack in the wrist ropes for her to maneuver them and a few feet away on the floor of the room he had left her a pair of scissors. Chrissy knew this and was working hard to get to them but they seemed miles away as she struggled towards them. The elbow ropes, the locked collar and the locked penis gag will all be another challenge but she knew she would figure that out eventually. She had overcome impossible situations before and she would triumph over this one too. She had to try to escape. He had given her the means. As she wiggled closer to the scissors she also saw a key on the floor. Hopefully it would unlock the penis gag and the collar. Crawling across the floor was slow and painful enough but the chain leash under her nipple clamps made it even more exasperating.

Finally she reached the scissors. When she tried to reach for them she realized he had tied her wrists, elbows and ankles together using the same rope. Clever of him keeping the final knot at the elbows meaning untying the hogtie would have been impossible. But if she could cut it that might give her the slack she needed. By rolling on her side she was able to reach the scissors and cut the rope connecting her elbows to ankles. When that slack came loose it just became a task of wiggling out of the tie. Within minutes her arms were free and she was untying her feet. Next she took off the nipple clamps and learned the hard way once again that removing them was more painful than leaving them on. After that came the crotch rope which was pulled in her so deep it was soaked. Finally the key. First the penis gag. Chrissy was relieved the key opened the lock and even more relieved when she was able to slowly pull the huge monster out of her mouth and release a flood of drool. Elation ended however when she realized the key did not unlock the padlock connecting the chain leash to the front of the collar or the collar itself. Exasperated she began searching for her clothes. The room was littered with bondage gear but not clothes. Giving up she decided freedom was more important than modesty. She took hold of the leash as she resigned herself to having to live with it and the collar until she got home and bolted for the door. At last freedom, or just another day in the life of Chrissy Marie, FBI Agent.

Model: Chrissy Marie

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