goodspanking – MP4/HD – From Iraq to Whacked

Jacklyn had only been out of the Army for two weeks when she filmed this spanking with me. My beautiful model Jordon knew her in Iraq and passed my name ( and what I did) to her. Jacklyn was not as proficient at soldiering as Jordon was and frequently found herself on the wrong side of Sarge. She confessed that she would have gladly taken spankings, rather than the constant shouting in her ear. Jordon actually confessed the same thing to me… makes you stop and pause doesn’t it?
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english-spankers – MP4/Full HD – Money With Menaces

Satine is talking on her webcam, she is trying her hand at raising some money but in a not very nice way. She is playing on the desires of the poor men who are daft enough to watch her and she is demanding they pay her money to see her body. Whilst it is a great body she should not be doing this and when she is caught the consequences are swift and very painful for her cute bare bottom. And the guys on the webcam get to see this for free.
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firmhandspanking – MP4/HD – Belinda Lawson – Reform Academy CT/Tough, bare ass strapping for Belinda Lawson: but will it change her attitude?

“The tawse has a really harsh sting,” says Belinda Lawson after the long leather strap lashes across her jiggling bare buttocks. “When Earl Grey made me count off the strokes, I realised my voice was going up and up. I wasn’t acting, it hurt!” Bent bare bottomed over a gym vault, on her toes, Belinda’s Reform Academy lesson is harsh. Reaction Cam and slow-mo replay show every cheek-rippling, teeth-gritting moment.
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dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Seven Sins (Part 1 – 7)

Our beautiful neighbor Lilly admitted that she could use spankings as a way to help her graduate. I gave her a list of things to do to help her stay the course. She chose not to obey these guidelines. When she mentioned that is passing when I called her one- day (confessing?) I decided right then to get her back for a spanking.

Lilly is a moderate little rebel, when it comes to the spanking sin of lying. When she did lie, they were doozeys though! Lilly confessed to some lies that she committed that are of a personal nature. I promised I would not bring them to light, but instead promised her tears. I also wanted to teach her about ‘the naked truth’, so what better way than to have her fully naked for her punishment.

These spankings tested our sensitive girl to the core. She promised me that she would not lie to people in the future, which were hurt by her lies.

Lilly has an anger problem. This is my version of ‘Anger Management’. She reminds me of Lexi, who also had a problem with anger. This is as real a punishment as it gets.

The ruler strap brings forth the first tears with a nice, long, belt whipping, to really make the tears flow. Anger is a threat that needed to be addressed. Lilly seemed to learn that. Lexi didn’t and ended up in trouble with the law.
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dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Amelia Janes – Hardest (Part 1-3)

Take a beautiful mainstream model. Look into the soul of her eyes in photographs. Contact her and ask her about spanking model work. This was all it took to uncover a iconic spanking diamond that is Amelia Jane Rutherford. You will hear this story and others in this entire film. Amelia is spanked for REAL REASONS on her life as we have a bond of trust that goes back to the very beginning of her meteoric rise in the spanking world. Here is the FIRST reason to spank our beauty with a good old-fashioned , bare- bottomed spanking.

Another sit-down with Amelia Jane and another one of her personal shortcomings is confronted. This time I allow her to be involved in her punishment with a psychological exercise. She must not only choose paddles from a line-up, but must choose the order she is paddled in. Does she start with the hardest first? Does she choose it last? Which one will I choose? Watch this fascinating game of painful chess play out.

It turned out that before I met Amelia (or anyone in the spanking scene had yet to either) Amelia Jane had fantasies. The fantasy involved being told to lay across a bed with her bottom bare and wait for the belt spanking that would follow. Much to her dismay her fantasy was a spanking of only 20 licks. Let’s just say her fantasy was ramped up a little!
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MP4/SD – Elizabeth, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Snow Mercy -Chelsea Spanks Snow Mercy

Elizabeth’s Spanking: I met Elizabeth through a social networking site. She’s a brilliant young woman, successful in her professional life and into being spanked in her private life. This woman is for real, had never done any video work and doesn’t posses the figure of a "model". If you like fuller figures, you’ll love her. She’s charming and cherubic, sexy, submissive and sensual. Plus, she takes a hand spanking, of course.
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