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Johanna Sullivan is back again to play the Painful Card game after a disastrous first attempt when the rules were being perfected. In THAT game, she lost and had drawn almost every card before pulling the 3rd king (which ends the Pain Game). In this new version, there are less cards, and yet the sassy redhead STILL manages to earn herself a VERY sound paddling, strapping and wooden spoon spanking with her bottom bared FROM THE START. She requests that she recieve a hand warmup over her shorts, which the Gamemaster Kyle agrees to. A very sound punishment round follows, with Johannas bottom quickly being turned from a pale white to a CRIMSON shade of red, all while wearing a see through mesh bra the entire punishment to add to her humiliation at her loss.
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It’s a girls-night-out gone crazy when Apricot gets arrested with her girls in at a night club. Their offense? They got rowdy, as in they thought it might be funny to start spanking each other! Skirts, lifted, panties and bottoms reveal for all to see. The cops came in and ended their escapades and Chelsea ended up at the police station bailing out her young and impressionable roommate. What happens when they get home? Apricot gets a spanking that she doesn’t find so funny…a long, hard hand spanking and a well deserved one at that!
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real-life-spankings – MP4/Full HD – Julie Meeting My Hand And Slipper

Julie meets the hand and slipper. On the twenty second our little Julie was 29 years old so it was time for a nice card, party and of course, a birthday spanking. I gave her 29 with my hand and 29 with my slipper for her birthday. That should have been the end but later the little madam was swearing so badly, that I took her by her ear back to the office and gave her a real taste of my hand and trusty Slipper.

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real-life-spankings – MP4/HD – Jentina’s First Spanking Make her feel welcome guys!

Jentina joins R.L.S and gets her first spanking
25 year old Jentina is new in the scene and she soon became close friends of Scarlett, Ivey and others. It soon became apparent that our little miss needs a firm hand occassionally so she came to us for well needed discipline. I first gave her a sound spanking followed by cornertime. Then I made her write punishment lines and encouraged them with my trusty old leather paddle. Then I finished off the discipline session with my Slipper while she read the punishment lines. That session kept her well behaved for a while. Make her feel welcome guys!
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real-life-spankings – MP4/Full HD – A Lesson In Obedience

One of our lovely regular girls Julie came to us again and she has some financial difficulties due to over spending. Time for Me to give her a lesson in obedience. In part one I told her to sit on one of our stools and write the punishment line: I must obey Sir Mike while I used our new hand shaped paddle on her bottom. After that cornertime. Bare bottom on display In part two I paddled her again in an unusual position using our red chair. Bottoms up! The Punishment Stool followed In part three I gave her a sound bare bottom strapping in our sitting room on our couch. Followed by more cornertime
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firmhandspanking – MP4/HD – Helen Stephens – Reform Academy DF/Witness the harsh crack of a leather strap across Helen’s beautiful bare bottom!

Ordered to strip naked, doe-eye beauty Helen Stephens looks understandably nervous. She had to wait while her office colleague Belinda Lawson was stripped and punished at a secret Reform Academy. Now it’s her turn to bend over the desk for a stinging strapping across her bare booty, perky breasts bouncing. Mr Johnson isn’t finished yet!
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