Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Under My Roof


2019 08 11 001312 - Universal Spanking and Punishments – MP4/Full HD – Under My Roof

In the follow up to "Growing Pains", "Under My Roof" clues us into the fact that after spanking her, JK Howling’s brother still told her Father that she had a guy over at the house. JK was furious, it’s like her brother told on her just so she would get spanked again, he’s such a meanie! Now JK is sitting on the edge of her bed getting scolded, and she knows that her Dad is going to tan her little bottom good for disobeying the rules.
Sure enough, JK doesn’t have a good excuse for her disobedience, so she’s going over her Father’s knee for some correction. She’s spanked over her cute dress for a short time, but her Dad is focused on teaching her a lesson so he pulls her skirt right up exposing her tender bottom! JK’s bottom immediately begins to turn a nice shade of red as her Dad lays in some hard smacks to her bare cheeks. Being over the knee reminded her of how she used to get spanked, and JK found it totally embarrassing to still be getting her butt spanked! As her bottom heated up, JK’s Dad decided to add a little more fire to her behind and he turned to his leather belt to fan the flames. Stroke after stroke of the belt made the girl suffer, but for good reason, she needed to learn respect for the rules while she’s living in someone else’s home.
The prison strap is an implement not used for minor offenses, it’s used when a girl has purposely skirted the rules and JK is going to get a taste of that strap. Every time that strap landed it stung, Jk was hoping that it’d be the last implement that she’s have to endure, but unfortunately for her she’d be spanked bare bottom with another strap, the razor strap! The razor strap is the old fashioned tool that a parent would use to make sure that a girl couldn’t sit for days. JK was fighting tears, she hated that long razor strap, though she would have to stay bent over and in place for many strokes. Finally, her strict Father pulled out a wooden paddle, and he instructed JK to lay herself back over his knee. And on that evening JK’s Dad paddled her good, leaving her bottom a bright red and very sore, giving her exactly what she deserved!

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