Spanked Sweeties – MP4/Full HD – Kay Richards (remastered)


2021 02 17 212927 - Spanked Sweeties – MP4/Full HD – Kay Richards (remastered)

In this Remastered classic, Kay Richards gets spanked for the very first time. What an amazing find Kay was – so much fun to spank for the first time. A former secretary, now a student and aspiring model who had never been spanked before, and was curious. She ran late to the interview, called and apologized and we could tell she was going to be a lot of fun. The first spanking we gave her was a warm up and she giggled throughout. The next one was harder but she was a trouper, although we tell she was nervous about being marked. What was really nice for us, though, was how she never lost her fun loving demeanor, even when it hurt a little and her bottom got a little red. She seemed a bit overwhelmed to really experience it erotically but we did make her tush glow. Kay emailed us the next day and said she knew she had some marks but she knew it was due to her “virgin butt” I think it was an extremely memorable first spanking experience for her that she and her friends can sit around and watch. I am sure some of those friends will be trying to do their own re-enactments with Kay later.

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