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snapshot20180306122023 m - MP4/HD - BUYERS AGENT BELT WHIPPING
snapshot20180306122028 m - MP4/HD - BUYERS AGENT BELT WHIPPING
snapshot20180306122032 m - MP4/HD - BUYERS AGENT BELT WHIPPING

Sexy Real Estate agent Christy is used to getting by on her looks, wasting her clients time on yet another property that doesn’t meet his criteria. Exasperated with another wasted day and no progress, the client decides to take it out on her poor little bottom. Demanding that she take an ass whipping or be fired and lose all that commission, she is left with little choice but to bend over and take it. Spanked over her skin tight skirt, soon he pulls her skirt and panties off and spanks her bare bottom hard over his lap. Pulling his thick leather belt through the loops, he is determined to teach her a lesson. bending her over the table for a severe dose of the belt, fast and full force strokes of the as she is scolded to keep her ass high in the air. To add to her humiliating punishment, he orders her to spread her legs wide, exposing her arousal as she is beaten. Determined to keep her job and satisfy her client, she cries hysterically, her bare bottom is thrashed furiously till its a swollen mess of angry spanks and bruising.

thumbs20180306120052 m - MP4/HD - BUYERS AGENT BELT WHIPPING

Format: MP4
Duration: 15 Min
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Resolution: 1280×720

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