Lupus-Spanking – MP4/SD – Black Velvet


Lupus-Spanking – RM/SD – Black Velvet

A wanderer walked through the countryside, his hair windblown and his face wet with tears. Glittering and touching, but pointless…No, please don’t stop reading, don’t give up! This was just a short introduction to ‘Black Velvet’, the new movie by Lupus Pictures. Anyway – you have a dream. Everybody does. And it’s no use seeking logic, asking why this and that. Imagine a teenage girl having such dreams, especially since she lives such an odd life…Don’t you think those weepy whining emo girls you see everywhere deserve a proper caning most of all? Well, now you can witness that…We invite you to a special school, a girls’ boarding school with lovely uniforms, strict wardens and a rigorous teacher. You’ll find what you’re looking for – a thick cane striping the girls’ naked bottoms, their weals, tears; this all accompanied by their crying and yelping. And we’ll serve you three times – three poor pupils will have to expose their bottoms to satisfy their moralizers’ methods of upbringing. We won’t spoil the story – you have to see it. You’ll enjoy its surprising and unpredictable turns, its unusual setting and unique atmosphere. And you will also learn what happens when one loses control over one’s dreams…DVD contains unedited versions of all spanking scenes shot from different camera angles and not used in final cut. These bonuses are for dvd version only!!!

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