Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition

Domina Competition by ElitePain
Lady Ariel is quickly becoming a franchise actress for the Mood Pictures/ElitePain production studio, and with that ascension in fame comes some friction, notably with another of the Mood Pictures stars, Lady Amanda.

The premise behind this video is what I call the “Thunderdome” plot – two enter, one leaves. In this case, Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel will engage in a competition to determine who will be the top dominatrix (which in a perfect world, would be someone like Tina Turner). To do that, they will take turns punishing a slave (played by one of my favorite models, Roxane) and at the end of each round of competition, the slave will state which set of whippings hurt the most.

Listen all! Listen all! Listen… to the truth of it!

Dying time’s here…

First up is a basic caning on the ass. The slave is bound to the whipping post, blindfolded so that she can’t cheat by choosing her preferred dom. The slave is told to take a die in her mouth and spit it out. The number that she rolls will determine how many strokes she will receive. Then the fun begins.

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dc10 - Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition

After each of the ladies takes her turn with the cane, the slave determines who won that round by admitting which set of strokes hurt the most, and they move on to the next round: a back whipping with a long whip.

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Once again, the slave must choose a winner and, having made her choice, the game moves on. For this round, it’s pussy whipping with a riding crop.

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dc20 - Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition

After this one comes something not normally seen in a Mood Pictures/Elite Pain film – bastinado. The slave is bound by her ankles to a bench while the doms take turns cropping her feet.

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dc22 - Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition

A winner of the round is chosen, to bring us to the final round. The slave is bound to a St. Andrew’s Cross to be whipped on her ass by the long whip.

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dc26 - Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition
dc29 - Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Domina Competition

After this, the winning dominatrix is determined. In my opinion, Lady Amanda has better technique, but Lady Ariel has better poses for the camera. It’s a tough call, and I won’t spoil the movie for you by telling you who the winner is; better to keep your attention to the game at hand. I will tell you that there is a great pay-off at the end of the movie that makes a good lead-in for the upcoming Martial Law IV, which will (probably) be the final installment in that series.

Over all, the movie has a strong premise, and certainly Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel do good jobs in their roles. Roxane makes a fine punishment slave and can take the amount of abuse that is necessary for her role as the target slave. The camera work was good, with good image clarity but some shots were framed a bit too tight, causing some of the actresses’ body parts to be cut out of the shot at odd spots. Still, the video has good HD definition to it and Lady Ariel really looks good in her role. She’s got a natural talent for selling a scene, without over selling it, with lots of Resting Bitch Face giving that cold, merciless look that I expect in my dominatrixes. However, she seems to copy Lady Amanda’s poses a bit too much (or maybe it’s vice versa), but Lady Ariel just happens to be talented enough to do them better. I also thought the pacing of the movie was a bit slow; there was too long of a dramatic pause between strokes of the whip for my taste. Some people like to savor the pain, and if you’re one of those, then this is the movie for you.

The main reason to see this film is two-fold: (1) to get ready for Martial Law IV, and (2) for the pay-off at the end, which I won’t divulge here because I don’t want to spoil the fun, but I will warn you that you have to sit through the entire movie to get the full effect of the last scene. If you don’t, if you just fast-forward to the end, you’ll just go “What was that all about?” and miss the fun. For that reason, I’m giving this movie bonus credit, lifting it just shy of the perfect “A” rating.

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