Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9


Elite Pain – MP4/HD – Painful Duel 9

01 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

The premise is simple. 2 girls are going to be beaten until one gives up. The winner leaves with a cash prize to sooth the pain. The loser? The loser leaves with all the pain and emotional distress of her ordeal and the extra kick in the teeth of knowing it was all for nothing. It’s simple but oh so devilishly evil.

Todays contestants are Lucy and Zazie. Both girls are beautiful with pert tits, lovely asses, sweet pussies, flat toned tummies and pretty faces. Both girls sit while the host explains the rules. Both girls look nervous. Neither of them looks confident. This isn’t their first rodeo and they know they are going to suffer and suffer badly. Especially when they are told that todays domina is Amanda.

Their is some history that is worth knowing before we proceed to the game. Lucy has never won a game at Elite Pain. She has endured brutal beating after brutal beating and had her clit pierced and she has nothing to show for it. She is objectively the most unlucky contestant this site has ever seen. Cards of Pain 1 in particular stands out to me. She did extremely well in that movie and if any other card had been drawn for her pussy whipping finale she would have won.

As a result of that history I was genuinely pulling for her to win. I have nothing against Zazie but I wanted to see Lucy have her moment in the sun.

So the stage is set, the contestants are ready to suffer and Amanda is waiting to beat them half to death 😉

02 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9
03 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

Round 1- 40 strikes to the back!

Domina Amanda was on top form throughout this video. She was out to make the girls quit from lash 1. The accuracy and strength of each strike is breath taking to watch. Oh and she dropped in some venom tipped taunts to both girls. She was prompting them for some sort of response, daring them to speak out of place. Lucy and Zazie reply meekly and in hushed tones, they don’t want to risk pissing Amanda off!

Like I said, this clip starts in brutal fashion. Zazie is the first to be whipped and even by shot 5 she is screaming and frantically losing control of her breath. The suffering is immense and it’s only the first 10 shots 😯 Lucy seems to be lost in her thoughts.

It’s her turn to be savaged by Domina Amanda. As with Zazie the result is immediate. Lucy does manage to hold it together a little bit longer but both girls are in a lot of pain. This scene is amazing. It’s only round 1 and they are both struggling.

The physical pain is one thing but there is the added story of Lucy trying to win her first game. While Zazie is being whipped Lucy seems to be thinking. Maybe she’s trying to block out the stress of being right next to Zazie as Zazie is panting and screaming. Maybe Lucy is questioning whether or not this is all worth it? How much can one beautiful young girl suffer and struggle and continue to fight on. Every time Zazie counts the number, and keeps going, it keeps adding to Lucy’s self doubt. Can she win? Zazie is a kind and caring soul. She seems mentally torn up through Lucy’s ordeal. She wants to win yes but she seems to partially want Lucy to win. Perhaps she felt the same as me? Now there is a look from Lucy at 18:33 as Zazie counts her 40th lash. It says “Just give up you b**** and let me win!”

There is a reason I am detailing the mind games here. This film builds and builds to an explosive end. A raw outpouring of pure unfiltered emotion that has been building through multiple games and ramping up in this game. It’s downright shocking for everyone who has even an ounce of sympathy for these tormented beauties. And I believe the emotional pain is more responsible for what happens than the physical pain. 😥

Well both girls make it to round 2. What evil is in store in the next round? ❓

04 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9
05 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

Round 2 – 40 whips to the pussy! 😈

Do you like pussy torture? If you said yes, you do like watching a girls most private; and intimate body part get mercilessly savaged with unyielding brutality; then sit back, relax, and feast your eyes. You’re going to love round 2.

Lucy and Zazie went to pussy hell and Amanda loved taking them there. The brutality in this film does not let up for one moment. Lucy and Zazie both suffer an extreme amount here. Some of the strikes are so brutal Lucy’s whole body tenses up on impact and we get a lovely view of her abs.

Tears flow, screams pierce the air, skin turns red and finally tempers start to flair.

I didn’t mean to write a short poem there but I actually quite like it 😆

Something rather cute happens here.

06 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9
07 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

Both girls hold hands throughout this ordeal. Despite this though the mind games go up a notch to match the physical pain. Lucy loses her composure, breaks the rules and questions Amanda’s decision to give her a penalty stroke. It didn’t help and she gets the penalty on her second rule break. Zazie also breaks the rules, on multiple occasions and receives many warnings. But she doesn’t get a penalty strike. She begs Amanda please don’t and surprisingly it works.

The deck is being stacked against Lucy and she knows it. Amanda knows it and she is taking great delight in it. Amanda keeps asking if this is Lucy’s day? Spitefully adding that she hopes so while actively punishing her rule breaks harder. Zazie, the innocent girl she is, doesn’t seem to notice this. She is bravely fighting on instinctively; unaware of Lucy’s deteriorating mental state. With every whip Zazie tearfully counts, Lucy get’s more frustrated. I will point out that Zazie could give up here. She seems so close to doing so. Zazie could give Lucy the win she is so desperate for. But she doesn’t.

Again I ask you. How much can one girl take before she has had enough? Lucy may have been thinking the same and then her clit gets struck. She begs Amanda not to hit her clit again. I see flashbacks of the site of her clit bleeding after the failed needle attempt. Amanda doesn’t care and instead focuses all her might on maiming Lucy’s clit. She seems determined to whip it off! Stacking the deck against the poor girl.

Somehow both girls make it. Zazie looks like she’s about to pass out and Lucy has had her resolve well and truly eroded away.

But this thing is going the distance.

08 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

Round 3 – Indefinite beating of Amandas choosing until we have a winner

Here we go. Everything has built up to this. This is the Coup de Grace. This is what happens when a pretty young girl has had the worst luck of anyone and is denied by a visibly distressed cutie, acting out of instinct to hold on. Fighting back the words I give up!

I’m going to keep this part short and sweet for you because this review has really gone on a bit. I felt the need to do so though so that you really understand why I think Painful Duel 9 is the best Elite Pain video since the Lomp era.

I’ll leave you with a few questions for you to find out the answers to. The ending to this clip is the result of everything that has happened to Lucy since her debut in WOP 24.
So did she finally snap and meltdown, in spectacular fashion? After all the baggage, Amandas evil taunting and the pain would you really blame her?
Did she get that win she has suffered so much for? Did she finally get what she deserves? Did we finally get to enjoy seeing her earn what she so desperately wants?

My grade: A++ (Nearly Perfect)

09 - Elite Pain – MP4/Full HD – Painful Duel 9

A few small notes after the main review. I hope I’ve sold you on this video because it is worth it just for the end alone.

The filming is top notch here. So is the editing. I think they struggled in the months immediately following Lomps departure. In my opinion Elite Pain didn’t start to consistently hit the mark until COP 1. This video is possibly the best from a technical standpoint I’ve seen from Pedro’s crew.

The watermark. It’s been a point of contention for some in the past. It’s clear when the back ground is dark. But if it ever ventures in front of the actresses it disappears. Pedro has clearly been listening.

Amanda was on fire. Her whipping was accurate and powerful. Lucy had some marks that still hadn’t healed from a previous video shot a month prior. Zazie came in fresh. It’s testament to Amandas skill that during the pussy whipping round she struck the girls pussies with 100% accuracy.

Zazie is wonderful. Her reactions to the pain are gut wrenching and pull sympathy from you. Normally I’d be rooting for her but today? No.

Lucy. This video is great because of the history of Lucy and her heart breaking defeats. In COP 1 it was that insane needle stipulation that defeated her. She proved in this video that she could have had a triple card for that round and she probably would’ve prevailed. I said at the beginning I was rooting for her. For me seeing Lucy trying to win at last is what made this video.

Why only nearly perfect? There is still this feeling in me that wants to see a anything goes round actually live up to that premise. Maybe it is faster and more painful to keep hitting a wound over and over again. But Lucy and Zazie both walk away with their boobs and belly’s still unmarked. When the girls are this attractive and here consenting to the anything goes rule it is slightly disappointing not to see a completed job. With Amanda in the form she was in it wouldn’t have taken much. Plus we’d already seen 40 back strikes in round 1. Did we need more? If Pedro reads this I do want him to know that this didn’t hurt the movie. Having a fully fulfilled premise like that may have made me rank it A+++.

Despite that nit pick you should buy this one. You won’t regret it.

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