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This is one of those obscure gems dealing with a disciplinary understanding Tiki and I had. At this time I was sharing an apartment at the beach with a vanilla accountant ( we will call her K.) My roommate was very anal retentive and acted like she was not interested in the spanking website venture of mine. In edition to Tiki my girlfriend, I also had two spanking submissives Jewel and Crystal. Turned out K. was a little more interested in the whole spanking thing than she let on. I let her spank Jewel who just so happened to go to the same gym she did. I heard the story and allowed K. to take Jewel into her bedroom ( pictured in this update) and spank her with a man’s belt she happened to have. Jewel couldn’t stand K. and HATED submitting to a punishment spanking from her! I had Jewel bare herself from the waist down and lie across K’s bed. K. spanked Jewel with gusto ( over 120 licks). Jewel held back the tears until she made it into my bathroom and then cried into a towel. She didn’t want K to know how mush it had really hurt. From the look on K’s face…she enjoyed it… a lot. Fast forward to this update. Tiki knew that K’s bedroom was off limits. I had to run out quickly to deal with a Crystal issue. While I was gone, Tiki went into K’s bedroom and tried on some of her accessories. In the interim spilling wine on K’s carpet. I came back into the apartment and from the look on Tiki’s face, that she had somehow gotten herself in trouble. I saw the stain on the carpet and told her she was in for it. This spanking was the direct result of that disobedience. Side note: Karen saw that something was spilled. I came clean and told her about Tiki’s bad idea. I also told her that she had been punished for it. She said ‘ That was my carpet…I should be the one punishing her". We reached and agreement and on the following Saturday night Tiki showed up for her spanking from K. I told her to obey her as she would me and to call me when it was over. As I was walking out the door I heard K. saying ‘ Let’s do this’ in a stern voice. I got a call about two hours later…let’s just say a new spanking enthusiast was born in K… and Tiki was worn out with that belt.

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