dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Daisy Smuggler’s Bruise 1 (Part 1-5)


smugglers1 main - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Daisy Smuggler's Bruise 1 (Part 1-5)
smugglers5 main - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Daisy Smuggler's Bruise 1 (Part 1-5)

Daisy is a girl who really works in the travel industry. She is also VERY NAUGHTY period. When she confided in me about some very disconcerting things in her life, I suggested that maybe we needed to unleash her inner masochist. I promised to get to the bottom of why she was doing what she was doing. Hint…This video is not too far off from the deeds that got her this kind of intense punishment spanking. Daisy is a newcomer to film… we love her!… and so will you.

For those of you that are fans of OTK paddling…Man is this update for you! See this sassy young lady, get a seriously, severe session! If you want ONE DVD or Blu-Ray for your collection, you will want ‘Smuggler’s Bruise’. This one piece has Daisy getting the hairbrush, leather paddle acrylic paddle and rubber paddle!

This strapping for our naughty smuggler is NO JOKE! She earned this strapping ( not for the faint of heart), with the kind of disrespect that warrants no less. My huge, thick antique, razor strap ( circa 1903) does a great job on her round bottom and thighs. The following strap has made more woman cry than I dare to number.

Moving on to THREE SEVERE IMPLEMENTS, Daisy is strapped and paddled! The Canadian Prison Strap, Vintage Hog Slapper and Thumper( that brought tears to the eyes of out Danish friend Opal) finds it’s mark over and over in rapid succession. This is a severe, but requested and consensual punishment session!

We are putting up this update early, so we can travel for the holidays for a few days. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hunukkah and to all of you and your different ways and beliefs of celebrating this time of year… However it is, please be safe.

Daisy is given the strap and most importantly the QUIRT. The quirt is an implement I reserve for just the most naughty of them all out there. Daisy fits the bill like a glove! Enjoy her end of the road for this session and her thoughts afterwards! Enjoy!!!

thumbs20180714120506 - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Daisy Smuggler's Bruise 1 (Part 1-5)
thumbs20180714120513 - dallasspankshard – MP4/SD – Daisy Smuggler's Bruise 1 (Part 1-5)

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