Captive Chrissy Marie – MP4/Full HD – Chrissy Marie – Dramatic Detention 2


Captive Chrissy Marie – MP4/Full HD – Chrissy Marie – Dramatic Detention 2

The sequel to video 0134 “Dramatic Detention” –

Part two starts maybe 45 minutes after part one left off. Reporter Zoe Anderson is still wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a wristwatch with a black leather strap on her left wrist. When she’s brought into the police interview room, she’s still handcuffed behind her back. She has been arrested on a parking ticket charge instigated by a corrupt mayor who is trying to stop Zoe from publishing a story that would ruin her career! When Zoe enters the room, she’s led to a wall and told to wait there. She’s gotten used to the cuffs and her hands are fairly still as she stands there for a minute. The officer returns and removes her handcuffs and she’s instructed to place each hand behind her head. She is then led to a chair at a table. After sitting, she’s told to put her hands out in front of her on the table where they can be seen. The handcuffs are laid down in front of her at the table, but they are not put on her. The police officer is in the room, but off camera. She asks how long she will be there, and he tells her they have a couple issues to discuss and that the judge has already issues a sentence. “I haven’t spoken to my lawyer yet”, she says. He explains that the judge and her lawyer already worked out a deal, and that she has been sentenced to be spanked with a cane 10 times!

“What? No. I do not accept this!” she says defiantly, but soon learns that she has no choice, it’s already been decided. They go on to discuss the other issue, her perp walk. He explains that when they leave the room there will be cameras everywhere and the mayor wants her to be wearing a lot of chains. He tells her that her lawyer agreed and thinks it will build sympathy, and also thinks she should wear her wedding ring. Zoe smirks and says “Well, I knew marrying a lawyer he’d find some legal reason for me to wear it more often”. She puts it on, takes a deep breath, stands and moves away from the table. The officer approaches her from behind and places leg irons on her upper arms. We get a good view of Zoe wearing just these chains, the officer returns with handcuffs. Zoe tells him “of all the stories I cover that leads to people wearing these, I still can’t get over that I have to wear them now.” The officer cuffs her hands in front of her and has her do a slow turn so he can be sure everything is secure. Then he pulls out a red ball gag. “Your lawyer – I mean husband — also wants you to wear this. Again, for sympathy.” Zoe at first refuses but again learns that she really has no choice, so she takes a deep breath, sucks it up, and tells him she is ready. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth and he straps the ball in tight. We get another good look at her from head to toe and she’s then led out of the room.

Zoe is brought into the spanking room and her ball gag is removed. Her upper arm restraints and handcuffs are also removed. She is told to pull down her skirt, just enough so we see her bare bottom. After she complies her hands are handcuffed behind her back. The officer asks her if she would like to wear the ball gag, explaining that some people like it better when going through this process. “I’ll wear the gag”, she says. So he gags her with it again. Zoe is nervous as she waits, standing there handcuffed and gagged. She is then bent over the table and her legs are spread. The officer asks if she is ready and she responds “No, but let’s just get it over with.” There’s a pause before it starts. The anticipation is worse than what it will feel like. Finally, without warning, the first swat with the cane comes. She’s then swatted 10 times. She stays defiant the whole time. She never lets anyone see how horrible this all is. When her punishment is through she’s stood back up and her handcuffs and ballgag are removed. She’s told she’s free to leave. Zoe starts pulling up her skirt and rolling down her sleeves. “This won’t deter my story. The mayor will still get what’s coming.” Just then the officer get’s a phone call. “Yes, Mrs. Mayor. Yes, she’s still here. I was just about to release her. What? Another parking ticket?” No words are said. Zoe rolls up her sleeves again and she places her hands behind her back. The officer puts the handcuffs back on. After this, she turns, opens her mouth, closes her eyes and is gagged with the red ball gag before being led back out of the room.

Model: Chrissy Marie

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