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Amelia is on vacation with Sarah visiting the Lone Star state, staying at Tubaman’s place (Sarah’s Daddy, Paul Rogers). She hadn’t reckoned on him being such a stickler for discipline as she had got herself and Sarah into trouble allowing his daughter to get Tipsy when she wasn’t of legal drinking age. Amelia is summoned for a meeting with Sarah’s Daddy the morning after. She had heard the hard spanking noises from the previous night & had cause to be worried. She was right! She is scolded and told that she will get the same treatment for leading his daughter astray: his house, his rules! Amelia’s protests are ignored and she is spanked over his lap on her tight denim shorts before she is asked to remove them which embarrasses her further as he continues with the spanking. Amelia’s continuining protests means she’s not even remotely learning her lesson and so Paul removes his belt slowly and deliberately as a final part of this discipline session. He is going to give her an "old fashioned Texan belting" across her bare bottom. Amelia takes relentless strokes of the heavy leather belt until she is close to tears, her bottom showing signs of heavy punishment and finally… showing genuine remorse!

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